Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett will sit vs. the Miami Heat

Jared Wickerham

With a few games cushion over the Bucks, the Celtics will go with rest over record against the Heat.

In case you missed it earlier today, Doc is going to sit Pierce and Garnett against the Heat. See, this quote says that exact same thing.

Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce will sit out against Heat - Celtics -

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce made the trip with the Celtics to Miami, but coach Doc Rivers, as promised, announced that neither would play Friday against the Miami Heat so they could rest sore ankles.

There you go. Believe me now? Someone who writes for a newspaper said it so it must be true. In related news, I have sore ankles as well, and I'll miss the next couple of games.

Are you still worried about Kevin Garnett and the fact that he was wearing a boot after the last game? Don't be, least according to Danny Ainge, who has always been believable before with KG's injures. (Stifling laugh)

Ainge quick hits: Face big-time challenge - Boston Celtics Blog - ESPN Boston

So, first of all, there's no such thing as 100 percent for anybody right now. But KG, you can see how well he's moving on the court. Last night he didn't have one of his better games on the court, but he was moving very well. You can see his defense laterally and he was rebounding and he was very active. The walking boot is just precautionary. It's just, some guys keep ice on their legs after every game, sometimes their legs are sore, sometimes they're not, they do it as precautionary. The walking boot, he has some inflammation in his foot, so every time he's not playing, he has that walking boot on. He doesn't wear it all the time, but he just wears it, like, after games to make sure that his foot isn't moving any more than it needs to. So, it's just precautionary right now.

Let us hope so.

Speaking of injuries, Rajon Rondo talked at length about his injury and recovery and is stubbornly refusing to set a timetable for his return! (Just kidding about the "stubbornly" part - he's absolutely right to say that everyone is different and you can't predict these things)

Rondo Discusses ACL Injury for First Time | The Official Site of the BOSTON CELTICS

Storm asked Rondo if he has any sort of timetable for a return to the court. He refused to slap any date on a return and explained that his rehab is unique compared to any other athlete’s. "No. Nope. No," he said regarding the existence of a targeted return date. "When I got out of surgery, for three or four weeks nobody said anything about when I’ll be back or when I’ll be able to play. They just want me to take it one week at a time and see how I progress from there. "Everybody’s body is different. Some play a different sport, everybody plays the game (of basketball) differently, so I think an injury like this varies."

So there you have it. Snark, sarcasm, and injury updates. Hopefully I haven't thoroughly confused anyone.

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