Both teams gathered mid-court, of solidarity a sign,
After the national Anthem, Diamond's "Sweet Caroline,"
Played every game at Fenway since '97 at least.
Yankees played it in tribute--as will teams even not in the east.

No JET tonight, limited minutes Green and Bass,
No KG. Pierce, battling flu, wouldn't take a pass.
"You don't stop the spirit of Boston..." so said Doc.
Cs must play this game tho 7th seed is a lock.

Raptors back court violation right off the tip,
AB was fouled, scored on the Celtics' first trip.
Cs' new guys/bench players must show what they've got,
So on the playoff roster they can secure a spot.

Valanciunas--must be able to spell this guy's name,
He's a 20 year old rookie, and can play this game.
9 points first 11 minutes by the no-resting Captain P,
Bass quietly good, great offense and D by AB.

T. Will and Jordan Crawford--each can be a wild card,
Crawford half court at the buzzer--didn't look that hard!
Cs down 1 to start Q2,
Doc anxious to see what the Cs' Zone can do.

Need more of these words, "Courtney Lee For Three!"
9-0 run by the Raptors, in came AB and PP.
Speaking of the Knicks...a rumor one often hears:
Rasheed Wallace Retires! Second time in three years.

Cs down 10 to start Q3,
Tonight no more Shav and Pierce will we see.
Jeff Green For Three! Q3 20 + Raptors lead,
Brandon Bass sat down, for the rest he does need.

628 games, 3rd in NBA, til a first playoff sighting
For Chris Wilcox! In this opportunity he is delighting!
Speaking of sightings, in came Fab Melo,
Two quick, sloppy fouls--he won't be Doc's fellow.

DeMar Darnell DeRozan (great name), what a night,
Along with Gay--and Lucas, who can only go right.
Cs down 26 to start Q4,
T. Will, White, Crawford, Melo, Lee on the floor.

Raptors had a scoring flurry,
Celtics seemed to have no worry.
Bruins at home--"Boston Strong" video, emotional night,
Raptors beat the Cs by 24--does that sound right?


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