IT IS PLAYOFF TIME--the Celtics vs. the Knicks,
Will we see KG and 'Melo up to their usual tricks?
Best guys for the Cs: KG, Pierce and Green.
Knicks: 'Melo, Smith...Prigioni (ankle) won't be seen.

Wildcard players from both teams we will see,
Of course, sitting front and center, will be Spike Lee.
KG very aggressive, the first (then AB) to score,
Cs played Match Up/Zone all over the floor.

Copeland in for Prigioni? It is his first start.
'Melo started 4 for 4, clearly doing his part.
Ks went on an 11-3 (AB) run,
Chandler pushed KG, extra shove--Tech One.

Guarding 'Melo--two early fouls on AB,
A Q1 sighting of Jordan Crawford we did see.
JR Smith (best 6th man?) a monster jam.
Love the intro--"That Power"--from Will. I. Am.

Cs ended the quarter on a 10-2 run,
Green For Three at the buzzer, Cs up 3 end Q1.
Shot clock expiring, Green For Three...then two,
Kidd back-to-back threes, he's 3rd all-time, it's true.

Second foul (for 'Melo) on KG, a cheesy call,
He went straight up and got all ball.
Felt better after the Pierce to KG alley-oop,
Love to watch AB cut (3 in a row) through the Knicks group.

Excellent defense on 'Melo, especially by Bass,
Cs great ball movement--with the extra pass.
Pierce, with the advance passes, energized Jeff Green,
Best playing with KG and Pierce we have seen.

Green 20 first half points, Cs up 4 start Q3,
Welcome to The Playoffs and Boston Celtics D!
'Melo for three, Smith two--and a very loud crowd,
Cs' slowed down their offense, shouldn't be allowed.

Four fouls on Shumpert, terrible call (3rd) on AB,
Crowd restless until Carmelo made a three.
AB is playing D, and offense, too.
"Spread the floor, attack!" is what Doc said to do.

Pierce is 10th all-time in free throws made,
Cs 11-1 run, with all Heart they have played.
Cs up 3 to start Q4,
To start, Bass, AB, Pierce not on the floor.

Knicks scoring despite Cs' excellent D,
Silly save by Lee, 4th foul on KG.
Cs went five minutes, from Q3, no score,
KG and Pierce found some rhythm on the floor.

On a J.R. Smith play, 5th foul on KG,
Hope JET will eventually connect with his three.
Cs are struggling second half trying to score,
Kidd, the vet, deflecting, rolling around on the floor.

In Q4 the Knicks their offense they have found,
Tho' cold from downtown--Cs turnovers, can't rebound.
KMart scored, on 'Melo's first assist,
Cs just 8 Q4 points, not aggressive, bench missed.

Celtics' theme today, "Boston Stand As One,"
Which they did, tho' this game was not won.
Cs' game can be fixed--not that much wrong,
Keep in your Hearts: "Boston Strong!"

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