No Excuses . . . Demystifying the first two losses to Knicks

As a lifelong diehard Celtics, I was born, raised and still live in NY, and hate the Knicks.

I am tired of reading about poor offense, poor shooting percentage and all the mystery surrounding the first two losses to the Knicks. It has been said the Celts are a poor road team, their old, injuries, the dog ate their play book . . . This is the playoffs - NO MORE EXCUSES

This celtics team is dysfunctional but can beat the Knicks if they start playing Celtics basketball.

It starts with accountability for every member of the team and coaching staff. This is the playoffs, and you don't get wins based on your résumé, I am so tired of hearing the announcers talking about Jason Terry in the 2011 playoffs, this is 2013, my motto is "what have you done for me lately".

So lets look at the first two losses to the Knicks, the real reasons the Celtics lost, contrary to popular opinion the celtics lost both games on lapses on defense, poor defense leads to poor offense.

when you take the ball out of bounds, and are forced into a half court game without your all star point guard, you struggle to score the ball.

Here is my keys to the game .

1. Melo defender, whether Bass, Green or Pierce have to fight thru Chandlers moving screen, stop dropping under the pick, you can't create a foul going under the moving screen.

2. Bradley has to step up his defense ball pressure, I am tired of hearing announcers praising Bradley's defense, when its been horrible the first two games.

3. Stick to j r smith , stop leaving him wide open

4. Doc needs to widen his rotation, give minutes to players like Randolph, Williams, Crawford and keep Terry on a short leash

5. Jason Terry needs to do like Larry bird, show up hrs earlier and shoot and warmup be ready to contribute on both ends of the floor which has hasn't done all year.

6. Garnett keep posting up like in game 2, but need shooter and cutters open

7. Spread the floor , create driving lanes and attack the basket.

8. Jeff Green, can you drive left? You are too predictable.

9. Crisper passing, cut down on TO , maybe play Williams at the point off the bench, terry, Bradley and pierce have benn awful passers this series

10. Let Crawford loose, like a wild dog. Let him attack and do his thing.

11. Doc rivers play your game, stop trying to matchup to other team, make Knicks try to match Celtics ball

12. Play more bigs, more rebounding.

What happened to the Ubuntu ?

where is the team spirit, Celtics pride,

the Knicks are good, but the Celts can win this series if they can find the rhythm / chemistry but it all starts with accountability.

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