Honoring First Responders before the Anthem Song,
Is the very definition of "Boston Strong."
Announcers: Breen, and Van Gundy (whom I prefer),
Both better than the annoying Little Stevie Kerr.

JET (scored first)--to get him going?--got the start,
Along with Green, who is quite literally all Heart!
Two threes for Prigioni, 'Melo with his jump shot,
Rough stretch for the Cs, someone has to get hot.

Pierce turned the corner and attacked the rim,
Because of KG's screen--we should all thank him.
Best cutter in the NBA? No one would argue it's AB,
Back in the rotation--good for him!--is Courtney Lee!

From the bench, together--Bass and Lee,
Beautiful words: Jeff Green For Three!
Knicks good start just on threes, so unforgiving,
Live or die by the three? They are clearly living.

Cs only down 5 (somehow) to start Q2,
Lee on Smith, good D, what he has to do.
15 seconds, two fouls, on Knicks' KMart,
KG rebounding, and rebounding, talk about Heart!

At the shot clock buzzer, Crawford For Three!
Turned the ball over, then took a charge--Captain P!
Knicks on a roll--every other three is good,
Crowd want to applaud--if only they could!

Cs few flashes of brilliance, some from Green,
But some of the worst turnovers we have seen.
Doc told guys not to give up, keep spirit, gotta fight,
Missing easy lay-ups, good shots. They WILL fall tonight!

'Melo scoring, still raining threes, Knicks biggest lead,
Where does Doc begin at halftime with what the Cs need?
Cs down 16 to start Q3,
Maybe, opposite of last two games, strong 2nd half we'll see.

Scary stat from the season re: games lost and won,
Cs down 10+ at the half, we're 3 and 31.
7-0 run by the Cs, JET For Three, Pierce is scoring,
The crowd has been anxious for the chance to be roaring!

Prigioni, a rookie, at age 35,
With steal after steal, he's kept the ball alive!
4:57 left Q3 til first free throw for Captain P,
Too few moments of greatness from Green we see.

Cs down 16 at the end of Q3,
Before Q4 Doc said need shots, need D!
The air has gone out of the Garden tonight,
Early Q4 Cs "fans" are taking flight.

JET For Three, but we can hardly cheer,
Hard to even recognize the Cs who are here.
Smith elbowed JET, up very high,
JET took exception, Flagrant Two on Smith--goodbye.

We must remember whether games are lost or won,

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