(sorry) POEM IS LONG,

The day begins with Avery Bradley For Three!
Bass starting again, his first shot made he.
KG muttering, "Right now, right now!"
Practiced with Rondo (one one one) to remember how.

Cs an inspired start including Pierce For Three!
That sometimes-moving-screen-call on KG.
With a hand in his face, a Three For JET,
In this series he and Bass haven't busted out yet.

Bass is playing 'Melo as well as can be,
Cs' turnover led to Novak for three.
Good balanced scoring for the Cs,
Crowd is into it, need four quarters--please!

Green hard to the hoop, no stopping him,
Scoring all different ways, finding his rhythm.
(love these words) Cs up 5 to start Q2,
Crawford For Three, that crazy shot he can do.

Doc says every coach should have the honor to coach KG,
He is The Man, makes the right plays, the court he can see.
JET to KG, alley-oop,
8-0 run by the Cs group.

Gave Chandler a hoop, foul before, took it away,
Tech on Woodson, offensive foul, Chandler, next play.
Q2 three fouls on KG, three on Green, two Captain P,
Signs of the "old" JET we are starting to see.

Shumpert is annoying, deflections and steals,
Green took a charge, to the crowd this appeals!
Green is sharp, Bass is playing great D,
Standing O from the crowd, glorious sight to see!

Forgot Cs drafted Green, traded to Sonics for Ray,
Tho we got him from OKC, with Perk we did pay.
Shaking his hand, won't say a word, is T. Will,
Surely he's just grateful to be in this game still.

The Captain, The Truth, For Three! For Three!
JET knocks it down, Cs up 19 start Q3.
Woodson wants transition D to stop Jeff Green,
Fourth foul on KG, that problem with his screen.

Jeff Green For Three! Deflections and steals, AB,
Now four fouls on Green, Bass and KG.
Prigioni was knocked down, phew, common foul on JET,
Prigioni fell like it was flagrant, the call he didn't get.

Cs' lead is cut to 12, Doc giving it to Green,
Doesn't like sloppy ball handling in Q3 he has seen.
Knicks had a run of 13-2,
Bass 5th foul, Prigioni flopped--again--deserves review!

Pierce did his fake, then a loud jam,
Pierce took the charge from a 'Melo slam.
Knicks think the calls are bad, feeling some pain,
Jason Kidd told Felton not to complain.

Pierce great block led to Felton for three,
First time at the line, made 'em both--KG.
Cs 20 point lead is down to 8,
Struggling 'Melo on the bench, Felton playing great.

Prigioni for three and Felton for three,
Saw a 30-14 Knicks run in Q3.
Cs up 3 to start Q4,
T. Will great block flying down the floor.

Great ball movement, The Truth For Three!
Shumpert steal, for the tie, a pest is he.
KG, over K. Mart, he did score,
Green made two free throws, aggressive on the floor.

'Melo with the drive, the ball he flushed,
Cs' lead is 2, crowd for a moment was hushed.
Green for two, how did that shot go in?
Bass fouled out...'Melo's irritating grin.

Once again in this game there is a tie,
Felton-Knicks their first lead, collective sigh.
Cs second half--offense disappeared,
Even up 19 at the half, so we feared.

Pierce and KG working together,
Onslaught from the Knicks we must weather.
End of game, the ball's in the hands of PP,
.4 second left is what the refs did see.

Deflection by Wilcox! Easy rhyme,
We are going to OVERTIME!
Pierce the first to score in OT,
Clock expiring, score by KG!

'Melo at the line, another tie,
JET For Three, then two--do or die!
'Melo tried a three, foul on Novak the call,
JET stepped up, he's all over the ball.

In my heart these men I will always keep,
Because they averted a Knicks sweep.
Game 5 Wednesday, what a ride,

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