"CAN I GET A WITNESS?" Marvin Gaye

Motown's in Boston, Pistons have been tough,
Early on they were younger, more athletic--played rough.
(One-time C) Coach Lawrence Frank about the Cs knows a lot,
See if some combo of our new guys tonight can get hot.

Captain P has returned, Cs cannot be slow,
Green faces his Georgetown teammate, Greg Monroe.
Wilcox is rebounding, good offense and D by Bass,
Green For Three, on a Captain P pass!

Drummond, age 20, UConn, came to play,
Probably has fans in the building, CT's not far away.
Second early foul on Wilcox, Doc can't believe the call,
Cs must be more aggressive rebounding the ball.

AB For Three, Randolph coast to coast!
Cs must stop the careless turnovers or we'll be toast.
Cs down 5 to start Q2,
JET For Three! Love what Green can do!

Cs had an 18-5 run--with spunk,
T. Will playing point, hard to the hoop--loud dunk!
Williams and Crawford showing great passing skill,
(Should I mention again the ball-carrying T. Will)?

Last home game, Rondo attended, tonight he was shooting,
Tho he didn't move much, for him the crowd was rooting!
Crawford's all knees and elbows, somehow he can score,
Play D and pass effectively all over the floor.

Cs slow Q1, good Q2--up 10 to start Q3,
Paul Pierce started Q3 with a Three!
AB, AB, Jeff Green For Three, overpowering,
Despite Drummond and Monroe, who over the Cs are towering.

Wilcox missed AB's alley-oop, but managed a pass,
To the streaking and dominating Brandon Bass!
Pistons went on an 10-0 run,
Cs' lead from 18 to 7 when Q3 was done.

Cs sloppy play end Q3 into early Q4,
Jeff Green good blocks, first guy to score.
Pistons most offensive rebounds against the Cs this season,
They made this a game for just that reason.

OFFENSIVE REBOUND by Randolph--crowd did howl!
Pierce scissor-kick spin move; sure can draw that foul.
In every quarter an interesting stat:
Green had at least 6 points--more of that!

JET for three?? NO, but great tip by Green,
Whole game, at both ends, his presence so keen!!
Bad call and tech on the Cs (who?) refs couldn't resist,
Felt the need to give the Pistons an extra assist.

Pistons second chance points--Cs' rebounding is lame.
Knight posterized by LeBaby, now missed lone lay-up this game!
The crowd stopped breathing, this game is so tight,
Jeff Green For Three!! He's The Man tonight!

Under a minute, Cs finally a rebound!
Luckily Villanueva's game was never found.
Celtics clinched a playoff spot--by 5 they did win,
Mostly because of Jeff Green--34 points he put in!

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