Just A Few Things I Would Look For With The KG+PP+JG Starting Lineup


I was never a fan of Green starting, but now that's the reality of the situation. I'm going to be optimistic about all of this and see what will come of this starting lineup that has rarely shared the court together. Other than the final score, here's a few things I'm going to be looking for when this lineup finally hits the court.

1) Kevin Garnett

Kevin Garnett is probably the most reluctant scorer in NBA history, and he will have no problem being the third option on offense behind Pierce and Green, but the fact of the matter is, his offense is still necessary. Once he comes back healthy, and he if he does in fact give the green light to Green, and allows him to take up the shots, I hope KG doesn't stop being a volume shooter.

2) Jason Terry/Courtney Lee

With Jeff Green permanently leaving the bench, and with Pierce probably being the 2-guard for the remainder of the season, Jason Terry and Courtney Lee have to lead the second unit off the bench. Both players have been up and down all season, but both players have good shooting percentages, they just need the minutes, and the shot attempts.

3) Terrence Williams

Terrence Williams is now the closest thing the Celtics have to a back up Small Forward, and so this means that Green will continue to average a hefty amount of minutes; much more minutes than I feel comfortable with, but when Williams' number is called, he needs to rise up to the occasion, defend the opposition, and try to briefly run the offense, dislocated finger and all.

4) Avery Bradley

With Green in the starting lineup, I would assume that Bradley has a more diminished role on the offensive end. He was just starting to find his rhythm in my opinion, but I feel like he has to dial back on his shot attempts and focus almost exclusively on defense. He takes a lot of shots, despite not finishing them at a strong clip, but his defense usually makes up for how poor his offense can be at times.

Bradley also doesn't have to focus on handling the ball as much, since Green is becoming more of a point-forward, along with pierce, and KG is of course one of the best passing big-men in NBA history.

5) Individual Quarter Margins

The Boston Celtics as it is, open up games fairly well. They usually outscore their opponents in the first and second quarters but are consistently outscored in the 3rd and 4th quarters. With Jeff Green as a starter, I doubt that this trend will change, but hopefully he can help the starters get a lead high enough in the first half, so that the opposition would spend most of the 2nd half just trying to play catch-up.

The Boston Celtics are in the middle of the pack when it comes to Average First Half Scoring Margin. They're ranked 11th in the league, and sit at +1.0. The problem of course, is the second half where they drop to 23rd in the league, and have an Average Second Half Scoring Margin of -1.3.

Most of that however, is due to the fourth quarter collapse. Through the first 3 quarters the Celtics are actually a +0.5, but in the fourth quarter individually, the Celtics are a -0.8.

As it is, the Celtics are ranked 14th in the Average Biggest Lead category. They sit at 11.7 points a game.The top 3 teams in this category are none other than the Heat, the Spurs, and the Thunder.

With Green in the starting lineup, the additional firepower can help the Celtics come out of the gate even hotter, because the Celtics are not built for the comeback in my opinion. They do too many things that keep their opponent in the game, especially on the road.


Like I said before, even though I don't like Green starting, if it results in wins, I have no complaints, everything is fine. If they go on losing streaks, then it's going to be a huge "I told you so." But I'll give this lineup time, I won't overreact if they win or lose their first couple of games, but once the playoffs start...

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