Kevin Garnett returns to practice, may play Sunday, I'm still nervous

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

The good news: He's coming back to play. The bad news, he's probably not 100%

Whenever the terms "injury" and "Kevin Garnett" are used in the same sentence, I get a nervous tic. So forgive me if i pass along this "good" news and still remain somewhat cautious about feeling that great about things.

There's been some consternation about what exactly the problem is. KG tries to clear that up here.

Kevin Garnett returns to practice, could play Sunday -Celtics blog - Boston Globe basketball news

"I have some issues with my foot," he said. "More from like the motion, if you’re pushing the gas pedal. It’s an issue. If it I wasn’t, I wouldn’t be out. But I am getting better. I’m going to practice and (Celtics coach) Doc (Rivers) and I will have a conversation and make some decisions for the future." He added, "Everybody is dealing with their different ailments. I’m no different from that. Obviously as you get older, things tend to linger a little longer. I am getting stronger. I was able to heal up other things that was nagging me. But just my foot is an issue."

OK, that doesn't sound like a "normal" injury. It probably has a name but for whatever reason they aren't saying saying. What causes your foot to not be able to push down? Is it bone spurs? Is it a different kind of sprain? I don't get it, and frankly, if you explained it to me I still might not get it. All I know is that KG can't jump when it is hurting him and I know that's not good.

KG Returns to Practice, Says Foot is 'Better' | The Official Site of the BOSTON CELTICS

"I’ve always been able to put mind over matter with certain things," he said, "and then when I wasn’t able to do common things like walk, get in my car, drive myself… that’s an issue." Multiple rehab sessions every day over the past couple of weeks have helped Garnett return to some semblance of normalcy. His everyday life is back and now he has returned to full basketball activity.

Oh wonderful. He wasn't just not-playing. He couldn't even walk. Hold on, gotta breath into this paper bag for a minute.

OK, so he wouldn't be coming back to play if he wasn't healthy enough to play. That's good. But he doesn't come out and say he's 100%. Rather, he says "I'm getting better." Obviously I'll take that over "I'm not getting better." But color me concerned that he's going to be back to reasonably full speed by the playoffs. I'm also nervous about re-injury or making it worse. Which makes me worry about a major injury which makes me worry about retirement which makes me dry heave.

But I guess this is life. We live with what we've got and pray for the best. Maybe seeing him actually play will make me feel better.

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