Boston Celtics Fans, Remember to Enjoy the Journey

Paul Pierce gazes on. - Mike Ehrmann

A team of tradition like the Boston Celtics has a fan base that expects nothing less than an NBA Championship, but I feel that those expectations shouldn't overrule the ability to enjoy the journey that leads to the end result. As the end of the season draws near, doubt has entered Celtic Nation's mind. I ask that you put your hopes or concerns aside and just enjoy the ride.

As the Boston Celtics stumble, losing eight out of their last 11 games, you may be feeling a bit pessimistic about their chances for success going into the playoffs. Maybe your concerns are accurate. Maybe the Celtics are going to be a first round exit.

Or maybe you remain optimistic and feel that despite all the injuries, that this is a team of destiny and they will win Banner 18.

Maybe...that's the key word.

I learned a valuable lesson about "maybe" on February 3, 2008. That was the night the New England Patriots lost to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII. The Patriots were supposed to win the Super Bowl. They were destined to...but they weren't actually destined for it at all.

That night was a crash landing for me; I cried like I had never cried before in my entire life. Seriously, I was basically in a fetal position, sitting on the floor in never-ending tears. That team was the love of my life—my best friend—and there was nothing I loved more than watching them play.

The loss still hasn't settled in entirely. It still stings. It hurts as I write this now; I feel my eyes getting heavy.

But I've learned a valuable life lesson since then that has changed my life for the better. I've learned to relish the journey and not always dwell on the end result and I have applied this to my passion for Boston sports as well.

Of course, a 2010 Game 7 NBA Finals loss to the dreaded Los Angeles Lakers stung. And a 2012 Game 7 Eastern Conference Finals loss to the hated Miami Heat did too.

Of course it did.

But wasn't the journey leading to those moments extraordinary?

From Rajon Rondo's emergence during the 2012 playoffs, to Ray Allen's record breaking eight three-pointers in game two of the 2010 Finals, or even to Glen Davis' hilarious tongue roll celebration, all of these moments (and many others) should have a special place in fan's hearts for what they are, despite the end result in those respective seasons.

There are loads of "ifs and maybes" in life, but if you dwell on those then it becomes extremely difficult for you to enjoy special moments that may present themselves to you.

Tonight will be one of those special moments for the Boston Celtics.

Both Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce are expected to play tonight. This is the return of two legends— Boston Celtics legends. These two men will have their numbers hanging in the rafters when their careers are over.

Don't let hopes and expectations or worries and concerns of what might happen in the playoffs diminish the importance of a night like this and make it any less memorable. As Garnett and Pierce step on the Boston Garden's parquet floor tonight, be sure to take it in and smile.

The reality of it all is that Pierce and KG won't play basketball forever. Who knows? This could be their last season. Maybe. That's what should help make tonight extra special.

But let the moment come whenever it happens and enjoy the journey.

This Boston Celtics team might end up making a long run at the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy. They might even win it. They might not come close, by losing in the first round.

Win or lose, enjoy the ride. Take pleasure in watching this incredible story write itself and unfold right in front of you. Savor every moment as the pages turn.

The advantage of being the passenger in a vehicle is having the freedom to look out the window and take in all the scenery that passes by.

Watch this Boston Celtics team with that same perspective. Be sure to do that until this season ends, no matter how it does—love every moment of it.

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