Jeff Green or Gerald Wallace?

As of late, there has been a lot of buzz around Gerald Wallace and his abysmal performance. Really, this season he has not done all that well. This post is not being created to examine Wallace though, the facts are out there and you can find some of the remarks Wallace made about this year. I was actually reading a great SBNation article today about him and his current status as of the last 22 games, it's just terrible, but what it made me think of - is this: Gerald Wallace is making ball park 10M a year, a little more than Green's gradual increase from 8.5M to an eventual 9.5M in that last year or last option year. Based on that, who do you think is really doing what is deserved of their salary?

Before you jump all over me, I am not going to examine Gerald Wallace this season versus Green - that would be utterly bias and unfair to Wallace. So what we will jump into, is Wallace's last few years before he got this deal - where he was believed to be worth 10 million a year, and examine this year in terms of Green's production. I will use Green's entire year, again - to try to eliminate some of the bias to make the examination a bit more fair.

Gerald Wallace


Wallace was able to score 14.9 points per 36 minutes, get around 7.6 boards per 36 minutes, about 1.4 steals per 36 minutes, he shot about 75% from the line - attempting about 5 FT's a game, with a TS% of 54.8 and an eFG% of 49, and finally a Drtg of 105 and Ortg of 107. Overall, these are not too shabby numbers, definitely a pretty good year. That was the year before his re-signing though, so let's look at the year that was his deciding on a four year, 40 million dollar deal.


Wallace scored 13.9 points per 36 minutes, 6.7 boards per 36, 1.5 steals per 36, 80% from the FT line - attempting about 3.9 free throws a game, with a TS% 54.7 of and an eFG% of 49.1, and finally a Drtg of 106 and Ortg of 109.

(I hate PER but i'll include it, in 2010-11 Wallace had a 16.2, and with 11-12 Wallace had a 15.9 PER)

So overall - his numbers dip a bit. Wallace appears to dip a bit in terms of production, but he became a bit more efficient - but let us not forget - these are not exactly astounding numbers. Nothing here is really a jump out at you number, especially with the decline.

How does this stack up against Jeff Green and his $8.5M this year? Let us take a look, again - just going to look at what he has done this year, not his heart surgery year or time in OKC.

Jeff Green

Per 36 minutes - Green is scoring 16.5 points, .9 steals, 5 boards, shooting 80.8% from the line on 4.3 attempts per 36 minutes, with a TS% of 56.6 and an eFG% of 51.3, and finally a Drtg of 104 and Ortg of 104. This year, Green's PER is 15 (for the life of me, I do not know how it is lower than Wallace?!).

Interestingly enough, Jeff Green is doing better than Wallace in his contract year! In my opinion - these are two very similar players - with Wallace being a bit more of a defensive specialist and obviously far more experienced. Once you throw that out the window though, these two guys are similar in weight, height, position, athleticism, shooting abilities, driving abilities, and just about nearly anything you can compare in terms of NBA skills. Yet - after all of that, Green has produced better this year.

Now - what does this all mean? Well, I have no clear distinctions or conclusions. I did not jump into super deep advanced stats ( I would love if someone did!) but what I do know is this: Green this year, is having a better year than Wallace did leading up to his 4 year 40 million dollar deal. Yet - so many people (such as Zach Lowe, John Hollinger) demand Green's head because of how much he is being paid. Could these great basketball minds counter with this: "Gerald Wallace is over paid too" - well of course they can. The reality is they both could be over-paid. But what we need to do - what we need to realize is this: Green is having a good season (one of the best of his career) and he is being paid less than a very similar player who overall - was simply not as good! This whole notion of Green being over-paid really needs to get thrown out the window at this point.

Everyone challenged Green this year and he took the challenge. At this point - we all really need to sit back and enjoy what we are getting from this guy.

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