C's big men under radar

C’s Bigs stat-line:

(per 36mins)

  • Garnett:​17,8 ppg, 9,3 rpg, 2,8 apg, 1,4 spg, 1,1 bpg, 1,9 TO
  • Bass:​11,1 ppg, 6,8 rpg, 1,4 apg, 0,7 spg, 1,0 bpg, 1,3 TO
  • Randolph:​13,8 ppg, 12,8 rpg, 0,5 apg, 1,6 spg, 1,6bpg, 1,4 TO
  • Wilcox:​11,3 ppg, 7,7 rpg, 1,0 apg, 1,5 spg, 1,2 bpg, 1,5 TO
  • Sully:​10,9 ppg, 10,7 rpg, 1,4 apg, 0,9 spg, 0,9 bpg, 1,2 TO

Advanced Stats:

  • Garnett:​19,0 PER, 53,3 TS%, 4,5 ORB%, 25,4 DRB%, 15,3 TRB%, 103 ORtg, 99 DRtg.
  • Bass:​12,1 PER, 53,0 TS%, 6,9 ORB%, 15,2 DRB%, 11,2 TRB%, 106 ORtg, 104 DRtg.
  • Randolph: 18,2 PER, 57,7 TS%, 17,1 ORB%, 24,7 DRB%, 21,0TRB%, 115 ORtg., 97 DRtg.
  • Wilcox:​15,3 PER, 71,8 TS%, 8,1 ORB%, 16,7 DRB%, 12,6 TRB%, 126 ORtg, 101 DRtg.
  • Sully:​13,5 PER, 53,4 TS%, 12,6 ORB%, 22,0 DRB%, 17,4 TRB%, 113 ORtg, 101 DRtg

Facts to stand out:

Wilcox’s TS% would rank him No. 1 in the league if he played enough minutes. Shav would rank No. 1 in ORB%, No. 16 in DRB% and No. 3 in TRB% if he played enough minutes. KG ranks No. 14 in DRB% in the league. Sully would rank No. 12 in ORB% and No. 16 in TRB% if he played enough minutes. Wilcox’ ORtg.would rank him No. 3 in the league if he played enough minutes. Shav’s DRtg. would rank him No. 4 in the league if he played enough minutes while KG’s sits at No. 7.

What it means:

The Celtics BIGS have done well in the last game against WAS. They dominated the paint and the opposing bigs in nearly all areas. The Wizards FC was at full-strength and contains quality players like Okafor and Nene and a promising talent in Seraphin. Of course it was just one game and it's hard to tell if it will go on like that.

Numbers and statistics don't always tell the truth, but the stats show at least that the C's big men are putting on pretty efficient numbers in a lot of categories that are very important for the play of a big man. KG, Shav and Wilcox all are above average in most categories. Some of them are absolutely stellar like Wilcox's TS%, ORtg or Shav's rebounding number or his DRtg.

Surprisingly or not Bass falls a little bit apart. To me not surprisingly as he has struggled most season but really stepped his game up the last 10 games. I think his numbers there would rank him right into this group.

I don't know if Doc knows this numbers, I guess he will but in my opinion he should really ride this 4 guys. Each of them brings a whole different but really efficient game to the table which will make it tough for every opponent to match up with them. Play BIG and good things will happen.


I’ve put in Sully’s numbers to show that we could have a really great big men rotation next year. And with Sully, KG and Shav, maybe we can be at least an average rebounding team which would be a blessing for all Celtic fans I guess.

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