First scorer is 'Melo, fouled by Bass--at the line,
Can't "hear" the game over Stevie Kerr's whine.
Knicks started out on a 11-0 run,
Cs missed shots and had turnovers early Q1.

First Cs score by Bass--at the line, then the hoop,
Seems Felton's the first problem in this Knicks group.
The length of the court, great pass by KG,
Bass hard to the hoop, plus he's playing great D.

For play-by-play info one could starve,
Non-stop blathering by Stevie Kerr and Marv!
When he came in, crowd booed, a smile we did see,
All the more stunning: JET For Three!

Doc feels point guard shoes by committee they'll fill,
Early minutes tonight for--the coast to coast!--T. Will.
After a Cs shaky start, Cs down 2 to start Q2,
"Tighten the screws" is what Doc says we'll have to do.

KG drew two fouls on Chandler, three on KMart,
No flagrant on the latter--chippiness did start.
Cs have been having trouble with the traps on KG,
Almost halfway through Q2, (first FG) Pierce For Three!

Brandon Bass is a Man under the hoop--plus on D!
And then, again...Paul Pierce For Three!
Pierce to KG, alley-oop,
AB: ball stolen, got it back, scored (7 seconds to regroup).

Pierce to KG, we never saw the pass!
Cs 6-0 run, but third foul on Bass.
Shumpert aggressive, on the ground Captain Paul,
Good thinking--The Truth--Cs timeout the call!

Camby's first appearance, tipped in the ball did he,
Clock running down, JET For Three!
On an 11-2 run, Cs up 6 start Q3,
More of Jeff Green we have to see.

Paul Pierce For Three, on a pick from KG,
Cs three turnovers in four possessions early Q3.
Pierce lighting it up, along with JET,
Cs haven't shut down Raymond Felton yet.

He's better in the playoffs! JET For Three!
T. Will blew by Shumpert and the rest of the Knick D.
Paul Pierce For Three! JET For Three--again!
Nothing but respect for these Boston Men.

Cs up 9 to start Q4,
T. Will at the point, AB's not on the floor.
Knicks struggling on offense, silent crowd,
Green to the hoop with a dunk so loud!

Cs went on a 16-6 run,
Cs a little careless trying to get this game done.
Double techs on Smith and JET the call,
Doc's ATO plan, give Bass the ball!

Doc used just seven players, including T. Will and JET,
Knicks made a run when on the bench was Garnett.
Jeff Green For Three! Wait, Jeff Green For Three!
Knicks a 7-0 run--finally stopped by the 17-rebounds-KG!

In poor taste, and not at all cute,
The Knicks each brought a Cs funeral suit.
Celtic Pride--by 6 the CELTICS WON!

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