The new Celtics are here

This is last summer again, really. The CBA only allows Ainge to sign his own guys. If that is what he does, you can't blame him.

Last year's Celtics...this year's too? (assuming MLE is a big in this version)

Starting at point guard - Rajon Rondo the ultimate quarterback needs scorers....does he have them? Honestly?

Avery Bradley - great defender - not a scorer - can the other scorers carry him? Are there scorers who can carry him?

MLE BIG or Bass - MLE better be lights out...if he isn't Doc Rivers will give minutes to Bass/Sully.

Paul Pierce - 32 turnovers in 6 games against the Knicks - will Pierce be able to carry the team?

Kevin Garnett - Can he carry the defense and help Paul carry the offense? It did not work in any way shape or form against the Knicks, but can he do it next year?

Green might start instead of Pierce....could he carry the Celtics?

Sully will be back, is he going to help carry the team? Will he make the difference next season?

Terry had a weak year (did you watch the games?) Will Jet be better next season?

It has been suggested that Rondo, Sully, the mysterious MLE and the 16th pick in the draft will prevent the 2014 Boston Celtics from getting clocked in the first round after a .500 season.

The 20 and 23 Celtics of the first half of last season had all of the problems the second half team had. No more big three. Paul and KG can't do it by themselves. Against the Knicks the Celtics averaged 19 points a game in the 4th quarter....something better change.

Here are the NEW Celtics:


MLE (scorer)


Sully (more effective than Bass?)







Stop with the rest of the names...Rivers will only play these guys when it counts, Look at the box scores..

This might be a tough club...who must play defense. They will win a round, maybe two. This team cannot beat any of the top 6 NBA teams in a 7 game playoff. Another issue? No room for error. You lose two of these guys like last year? All bets are off.

Well, it's this or blow tool...tank...have fun, Danny.

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