Fan Fiction: My Dream Wrestlemania Match

The Heat vs Bulls has been the epitome of physicality. It's brutally physical that it resembles the 80's and the 90's games I saw when researching the history of the game. I love it. But it does remind me of something: Wrestling - my childhood hobby.

I wondered what would wrestlemania be if the Miami Big 3 face off the with the Chicago Bulls Big 3. Meaning we would have LBJ, Wade, and Bosh squaring off against Noah, Boozer and Taj Gibson with Derrick Rose on the sideline.

The story line so far has been the former WWE champion Derrick Rose has not been back in the ring since suffering an ACL tore after his figure four leg lock was reversed by Andre Iguodala into the Philadelphia Cross. Since then, Lebron James has taken over the WWE universe to become the world champion. Lebron is a specimen - his signature move the "LeChoke", where he grabs his opponents from the back of the neck, then crosses his legs around the abdomen and uses his 250 pound body to drag his opponents down on the mat, has never been countered.

The "King" is joined by the current WWE tag team champions D Wade and Chris Bosh. D wade's finisher is the cross arm breaker (think Alberto Del Rio). He debuted this devastating maneuver when he pinned Rajon Rondo in 2011. Since then, Wade has used to help him and Bosh, and occasionally the King, gain championship glory. Chris Bosh, the lesser known of the tree, uses the "Bosh Spice" finishing maneuver (think Gold Dust's nut cracker) finisher. It's unsightly but effective.

Things were happy and dandy for the 3 until the Bulls stable decided to challenge them. Although their leader, Derrick Rose, was sidelined Joakim Noah decided to challenge the King for the championship and Taj and Boozer teamed up for the tag team championship. To make things interesting, WWE general manager, Stern, created the first 3 on 3 championship. winner take all, match on wrestlemania.

The wrestlemania match was highly anticipated. On that day the Heat came to the ring all confident and riding high after winning 27 straight tile defenses. The Bulls wanted to upset that. The crowd exploded as Noah, Taj and Boozer came in with D Rose decked in suit and all acting as their manager/cheerleader.

Minutes the later, the match went on. Noah went after the King and a brutal back and forth ensued. Out of nowhere, Noah was able to connect on a clothesline and hoisted the King for the Noah's Ark (think Rybacks shell shock). But Wade jumped on the top rope and landed a flying kick on Noah as Bosh distracted the ref.

Boozer performed a double clotheline on Wade and Bosh that sent them reeling. But Boozer got clotheslined by the King and he tumbled outside the ring. As the King turns back on Noah to perform the LE Choke, Noah poked the King's eyes and he tagged the Taj. Wasting no time, Taj performed a flurry of punches and clothesline and prepared to hit the Taj Mahal, a finisher performed by running end and to end and using a flying head chop. It connects. He pins the King, but the King kicks out in 2!

The match continues and it was back and forth. At the climax of the match, Wade connected on Boozer (the legal man) his patented cross arm breaker. Boozer, in an amazing feat of strength, lifted Wade up and slammed him on the mat. Stunned, Dwade then crawled to tap in Bosh, and as Bosh made a move towards Boozer, Boozer connected the Booze Cruise, a hard slamming spine buster.

As Boozer covered Bosh, The King, went in the ring and kicked Boozer prompting Noah and Taj to go in the ring. All hell broke loose as the ref was inadeverdently knocked off. The members of the Heat's posse, Mario and Cole, came rushing to the ring, but D Rose, threw his suit off and went in and wielding an arm chair blasted Mario and Cole.

Boozer recovered and D Rose assisted him in getting him. Just then the "twist" happened. D Rose blasted Boozer with a steel chair on the head. Then he performed his finisher, the D Rose figure 4! What on earth is going on! After that D Rose scampered away from the ring and the King took the chance to connect the Le Choke. The ref then somehow recovered just as Boozer tapped and the match ended.

Backstage Stern greets Derrick Rose and tells him, "Well done - CHAMP!"

Stay tuned for what will happen next!


Hope you enjoyed. This is just for fun. :)

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