Super Second Rounders

With the draft coming up, I thought it'd be fun to check out players that miraculously made the NBA picked from the second round. 2nd rounders are generally regarded as throw away picks, the expendables, odds are impossibly high that they'll even make a career as 13th guy off the bench.

To my surprise though. I found a decent number of players picked in the 2nd round that not only made the NBA, some became starters or even borderline stars commanding salaries of 10 mil or more. Here is a list of names that stand out going as far back as 2002:

2002 Draft:

35th Pick Carlos Boozer - Starter for Bulls

56th Pick Luis Scola - Starter for Suns

2003 Draft:

47th Pick Mo Williams - Former starter for Cleveland, key bench player for Clippers

51st Pick Kyle Korver - Starter for Atlanta

2004 Draft:

31st Pick Anderson Verejao - Starter for Cleveland

44th Pick Trevor Ariza - Starter for Wizards and key bench player for Lakers during their championship runs

2005 Draft:

33rd Pick Brandon Bass - Starter for Celtics

36th Pick Ersan Ilyasova - Starter/Bench for Bucks

40th Pick Monta Ellis - Starter for Bucks

45th Pick Louis Williams - Starter for Atlanta before MCL tear, won NBA 6th Man Award

56th Pick Amir Johnson - Starter for Raptors

57th Pick Marcin Gortat - Starter for Suns

2006 Draft

47th Pick Paul Millsap - Starter for Utah, now a free agent

2007 Draft

31st Pick Carl Landry - Former starter on other teams, key role player for Golden State

35th Pick Glen Davis - Starter for Orlando

48th Pick Marc Gasol - Starter for Memphis, won NBA Defensive Player of the Year

2008 Draft

31st Pick Nicola Pekovic - Starter for Timberwolves

34th Pick Mario Chalmers - Starter for Miami

35th Pick DeAndre Jordan - Starter for Clippers

36th Pick Omer Asik - Starter for Houston

45th Pick Goran Dragic - Starter for Suns

2009 Draft

No starters, too early to tell

2010 Draft

No starters, too early to tell

2011 Draft

No starters, too early to tell

2012 Draft

No starters, too early to tell

This was eye opening to say the least, I didn't expect this many starters. The last 4 years talent wise have looked real scarce though. Still, you never who'll break through with time.

But there are already a ton of names from 2009 to 2011 that aren't in the NBA anymore. Second rounders are still mostly busts. If you have the right talent scouts and can pick just ahead of most, you can still strike gold, you just also need a HUGE amount of luck.

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