Should Chris Wilcox Get Another Stint With The Celtics?


Chris Wilcox is the only free agent the Celtics have to offer to the NBA this offseason. Wilcox has already expressed his desire to come back to the Celtics but that's only half of what's necessary. The Celtics' front office has to also want Wilcox back as well, but has Wilcox given the Celtics a good enough reason to sign him again?

One thing that I think Ainge has to consider with Wilcox is his health. Chris Wilcox has been a victim of the injury bug for the last 2 seasons, playing 89 out of a possible 147 games during that span. Wilcox had to deal with the heart surgery that took him out for the whole season last year, and a thumb injury that made him miss half of December and almost all of January.

Another thing that I think Ainge should consider is Wilcox's offensive abilities. The Celtics are a jump shooting team, and have been for a few years now, but Chris Wilcox works very close to the basket, and finishes very well around the rim. Wilcox has only taken 9 shots out of the paint, during the 2012-2013 season which I think is essential for a primarily jump shooting team, he's a legit presence in the paint. His effectiveness though is strictly limited to the amount of minutes he plays.

The major question that I've always asked was "Why doesn't Chris Wilcox get more playing time?". For someone who could've led the league in FG% if he qualified, you would think that he'd be given more minutes. Wilcox scores at the most efficient rate in the NBA, but he doesn't get much playing time not only due to injury woes, but because of his subpar rebounding.

Centers that have played a minimum of 40 games, and average a minimum of 10 minutes, have a total rebounding percentage of 15.6%, while Wilcox sits at 12.8%. These same Centers have a defensive rebounding percentage of 21%, while Wilcox is at 17.3%. These same Centers finally have an offensive rebounding percentage of 10.3% while, Wilcox is at 8.1%.

Wilcox is also a subpar shot blocker, but i'd say he plays pretty solid defense. Out of the players that have played a minimum of 800 minutes on the Celtics, Wilcox has the 2nd highest defensive rating on the team, behind only Kevin Garnett. His opponents also have an eFG% of 51.4% against Wilcox, which is right around the league average for centers which is 51.3%.

The fine folks over at ESPN gave Wilcox a season grade of D+, saying that Wilcox was never able to find his niche in the system this season, and the play of Shavlik Randolph has essentially made Wilcox expendable. After all, Ainge was willing to part with Wilcox in the deal that brought in Jordan Crawford, but Wilcox's contract allowed him to veto the deal.

Should Chris Wilcox be signed to another one-year veteran minimum deal? Or should the Celtics just let him walk?

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