Sounds crazy but we should trade our 21 year defensive pitbull for a halfway decent big man

I know everyone wants to trade Rondo. He has been in the league seven years and this point guard still shoots free throw like a drunk Wilt Chamberlain, he has a temper like Pekovic going through roid rage, and has the consitency of well, something inconsistent (I ran out of something witty to say).

Despite all of this, Celticsblog readers still consider him the best trade asset we have next to Paul Pierce's expiring contract. They are willing to trade him even with the next closest thing to a point guard that we have is a 22 year old shooting dribble who can't dribble, can't pass and can't shoot. Why?, because he plays all-world defense.

I like Avery Bradley as much as the next guy but he is a 6'2" shooting guard who also happens to be a streaky shooter at best. The lack of shooting was the major difference in this year's team. Without Ray Allen, the defense never shifted and the team could never get into their motion sets. When we lost Ray Allen and Paul Pierce's and Brandon Bass's shooting dropped off, the most consistent shooter became Garnett. Defenses packed in and we were toast without any consistent inside game.

I am yammering on too much. So, this is what I propose. We should trade Paul Pierce for picks and a decent young player like Alonzo Gee. we would need to add Sideshow Bob to make the money work and we would still get a trade exception. Cleveland has four picks in this year's draft. Would you really want to add another rookie to that roster. Paul Pierce can fit in to that unit and excel but my bet is that he would just get waived and he would be free to join a contender.

Now, what do we do with Avery. I say, trade him to Minnesota as we sign the big and burly pekovic. this gives them incentive to take in the contract of Bass or Courtney lee which is a just a redundancy with Sully. Of course this leaves a gaping hole at the two spot. This is where the Cleveland picks come in. I think the celtics should pick Sergei Karasev.

Projected as a small forward, he has all the tools to become a decent shooting guard. has decent range. Can create off the dribble if the defence closes up on him. Excellent length at a height of 6'7" and wingspand of 6'10" he has the potential to be a very good defensive player. He is an excellent scorer despite his lack of athleticism( which is why he has fallen in the draft). He would be eaten up by Athletic 3s in the NBA but should be able to use his length and size to do well against NBA SGs not named Kobe or Dwyane Wade. He has also led the top league in Russia in scoring at JUST 19 years of age. Check out the video from DraftExpress, he hardly missed. Imagine, he has been doing this against grown men in the top russian league. Scary!

. ISo you have a lineup of:

Rondo/Terry/Twill/veteran pointguard(shaun livingston perhaps?)





This is a pretty long post but thanks from reading. I dont go a day without reading celticsblog. Tell me guys what you think. I maybe crazy but this just might work in keeping us in title contention ala 2004 Pistons. What do you guys think?

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