Funeral Fire - Celtics looking to Cowboy Up

Al Bello

"Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." - Mark Twain (paraphrase)

By now you've heard that the New York Knicks showed up to the game last night wearing all black to signify the funeral of the Boston Celtics. That didn't work out so well.

Little black duress fitting for Knicks | Boston Herald

"We was going to a funeral," Smith said. "But it looks like we got buried." The ill-fated plan to wear "funeral colors" was hatched by veteran forward Kenyon Martin, who said the Knicks would end the Celtics season. Martin had more fouls (five) than points (two) and wasn’t interested in talking about style after the game. "I’m not talking about that," Martin said. "If you want to talk about basketball, we’ll talk about basketball."

Whatever Kenyon. All you are going to hear for the next 2 days is about the black clothes. This is the New York media we're talking about. This is the playoffs we're talking about. Might as well put in on a loop and get used to it.

Speaking of themes that will be repeated often. How about those 2004 Red Sox comparisons?

C’s take shot of `04 vibe | Boston Herald

According to Celtics players, their coach told them about Kevin Millar, who now famously told people prior in ’04 that the Yankees shouldn’t let his team get Game 4. He reasoned that the Sox had Pedro Martinez and Curt Schilling set to start Games 5 and 6, and if his club got to a seventh game, anything could happen. "If we win this next game, then anything’s possible," said Jason Terry. "We’re well aware of what happened with (Sox-Yankees). If this happens, it’ll be very similar. I’m very familiar with what they did and the history they made. Is that a motivating factor for us? It helps, but that alone is not going to win the series for us."

Cowboy Up!

Oh and here's another fun theme: Zombies!

Daily Dime - ESPN

Good grief, it has practically gotten to the point that the calling card of this era of Celtics basketball is not their 2008 title or defensive style that's been mimicked across the league, but their ability to come crawling out of the crypt season after season. Heck, the Celtics' playoff runs over the past few seasons could double as a zombie movie franchise. They seem to lose more players to season-ending injuries than the entire AFC East. They finish the regular seasons about as well as the U.S. finishes Ryder Cups. And yet, season after season, they string together playoff comebacks like they're the heroes in a Disney movie.

Brains! The Zombie Celtics are hungry for a feast, but they'll have to settle for the appetizer sized Knicks brains.

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