Mock draft watch: Who the experts say the Boston Celtics will pick in the NBA Draft

This is just throwing darts at a board at this point, but hey, it is fun to discuss.

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SBNation's Blogger Mock Draft

I get to play Danny Ainge. Believe me, it isn't a job that I'd really want.


Chad Ford's Celtics Big Board BINGO

Bored? Here's a game to pass the time.


Chad Ford could see Ainge drafting Ricky Ledo

This is via his chat from yesterday. He was asked about the Celtics picking Ricky Ledo.

Chat: Chat with Chad Ford - SportsNation - ESPN

I wouldn't rule it out. Several teams believe he is THE sleeper in this draft. A lethal scorer who would've been a lock for the lottery had he been eligible to play this year. The talent is clearly there. The issue is that he has a number of things in this off-the-court life that have teams running scared right now. But Ainge is the type that would roll the dice. The Celtics need talent and I could see Ledo doing what Lance Stephenson has done this year if he can get his life on track.

Just another bit of information to chew on.


"Rumors persist" that C's promised Schroeder reiterates the rumor it floated back on May 30th.


DraftExpress mock update - C's pick Gobert

I haven't seen Gobert associated much with the Celtics and this might be one of those "he has to get picked somewhere in this range" types of picks. Here's some of the explanation by Gioony.

2013 NBA mock draft 2.0 - Yahoo! Sports

A swingman who can play together with the likes of Rondo and/or Avery Bradley and a big man who can play with Jared Sullinger and/or Garnett are two immediate targets the Celtics' front office might look at on draft night. GM Danny Ainge also has never been one to shy away from swinging for the fences if he sees a talented player he likes, regardless of position. Rudy Gobert would add significant size and length to the frontcourt and is a prospect the team can afford to wait on as he continues to fill out physically.


Celtics hold more Draft workouts - Plumlee, Lee

Plumlee and Jon Lee were featured today.


Schroeder's agent disputes Celtics' draft promise

There was an earlier report that the Celtics had made a draft promise to Dennis Schroeder at #16, but with the German point guard going to the Jazz at #14 in Chad Ford's latest mock and working out for teams ahead of Boston in the draft, that may be a moot point. It also may have never happened:

BUCKS BEAT: Schröder has eyes on first round

When the gifted young point guard from Germany was asked whether he was given a "promise" to be drafted in the first round of the June 27 NBA draft, he grinned and said, "Nobody has talked to me. ... I'm just hoping to go in the first round."

Schröder's agent, Alex Saratsis, tried to squelch the Schröder "promise" as well.

"I don't know where that came from," Saratsis said. "I don't know anything about that."

Rumors began to circulate at last month's pre-draft camp in Chicago that an NBA team "promised" it would select Schröder if he entered the draft. The team most frequently associated with the "promise" was Boston. The Celtics have the 16th overall pick.

You take all this information and mix it up with MacMullan's assertion that Paul Millsap was and is Danny's "Plan A" and you can still see Schroeder as part of the Celtics' blueprint for the future. If you've seen video of Schroeder, you can see why scouts have compared him to Rajon Rondo. They've got similar builds and similar games.

I can absolutely see a scenario where Utah picks Schroeder at #14 and does a sign-and-trade deal with Millsap for Rondo and the #16 pick. Maybe Danny didn't exactly "promise" that he'd draft Schroeder, but he may have intimated that he'll end up in Boston one way or another.


Chad Ford 4.0 mock draft: Shabazz to the Celtics

In Ford's latest mock, he's got UCLA's swingman at #16:

Analysis: Muhammad might be the most difficult player in the draft to place right now. After coming in with enormous hype, scouts are obsessed right now with the weaknesses in his game. Can he shoot off the bounce? Can he go right? Does he have the athleticism to defend? Is he a selfish player?

Muhammad is working hard to answer his critics and these workouts will go a long way to determining where he ultimately lands. But with Paul Pierce's run with the Celtics nearing an end, Muhammad might be worth the risk here if the Celtics' preferred target, Schroeder, already is off the board.

Muhammad has been the enigma of the draft. Once a lottery pick, his underwhelming freshman season at Westwood coupled with the controversy of his birth certificate has him falling on draft boards. This kid reminds me so much of Paul Pierce and how his stock plummeted coming out of Kansas. He'd make a good upside pick for Danny at #16, but until we know what Danny is doing with The Captain and his contract, we won't know whether the team is in rebuilding or reinforcing mode.

Curiously, a lot of the big men that have been linked to the C's have also fallen in Ford's mock draft. Gobert, Plumlee, Olynyk, and Dieng have all slipped into the late first round. Scalabrine's crush, Steven Adams, is projected to go at #12 to the Thunder, but as ESPNBoston's Chris Forsberg suggested yesterday, I wouldn't be surprised if Ainge traded a mid-level vet for another pick to grab a center and develop him alongside Fab Melo.


Sheridan Hoops mock: Danny "loves Adetokunbo"

Sheridan Hoops has a mock draft 3.0 up by Joe Kotoch. He has the C's pick Olynyk but has an interesting note about Adetokunbo.

Cavs would trade No. 1 pick for Kevin Love

The Celtics are always in the market for athletic prospects, and sources I have spoken with say Danny Ainge absolutely loves Adetokunbo. However, there is a gaping hole in the middle in Boston. Olynyk would provide the Celtics with the ability to play right away. He is one of the most skilled offensive bigs in the draft and showed it in Chicago with a great mid-range jumper. Olynyk is also a very good pick-and-roll defender, something that Boston takes pride in. As Olynyk rises up boards, the Celtics will have a tough decision to make on draft night.


Mannix Mock Draft 2.0 - C's pick Steven Adams

In his first mock, Mannix had the Celtics picking Dieng. Now he goes with Steven Adams.

2013 NBA Mock Draft: Cavs take Nerlens Noel, Magic take Ben McLemore - NBA - Chris Mannix -

With or without the core of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce -- two players who may not be in Boston when training camp opens -- the Celtics need size. Adams is a project; the consensus among executives is that he will spend most or all of next season in the D-League, where he can get used to the speed of an NBA-level game. But Adams oozes potential. At 7 feet, 254 pounds with a wingspan of 7-5 and enormous hands (9.5 inches long, 11 inches wide), Adams is a physical specimen with extraordinary athletic ability who showed nice range for a big man at the combine.


NBA Draft rumors and news bits from Chad Ford

Little nuggets of information from Chad Ford.


Celtics' pre-draft workout includes six point guards

Until we see the list, let's not speculate on what this means (re: RONDO!). With Terrence Williams dealing with legal issues, Danny could just want to take a look at a 2nd round prospect if he sees an opportunity to trade for a pick. In most mocks, almost half the players after the 30th pick are point guards.


R'world's Alexander's mock: C's pick Mason Plumlee

Even though he's a Dukie (ugh), I like Plumlee in Boston. He's got a great motor and good size.

NBA Mock Draft: Version 3

The Celtics need big bodies, as evidenced by the fact Kevin Garnett is finishing his career as a center instead of a power forward. Plumlee would give them some depth at C. He may not be ready to start right away, as his offensive game is still developing, but he's a solid defensive presence with some athleticism, and fits a need for the aging, and soon to be depleted, Celtics. They will also give Steven Adams a close look here.


Sean Deveney's mock: C's pick Tim Hardaway, Jr.

As a Michigan man, I love and hate this pick. Hardaway was a great #2 along side Trey Burke and he can get really hot on the perimeter. He turned in a great combine last week and his stock is rising, but I can totally see him going the way of draft bust, especially if he's playing behind Jeff Green for the life of his rookie contract.

NBA mock draft 2013: Cavaliers win draft lottery, fix eyes toward Nerlens Noel

Hardaway looked good at the combine in Chicago, and he has firmed up a place in the first round. The Celtics could go big here, but if they're going for the most polished, NBA-ready guy, it's probably Hardaway.


BR's Conway's mock: Celtics pick James Franklin

It's a name that really hasn't been associated with the C's this off-season, but if the team really isn't going to run it back with the same roster, it would surprise me if Danny went with upside at #16 rather than drafting an immediate contributor.

If the Celtics were bringing the band back together, they almost certainly would take Louisville center Gorgui Dieng. He's the perfect interior presence that Boston so sorely needed last season when Garnett was on the bench, and he should help cut the team's ever-growing rebound margin.

It's become pretty clear the band isn't getting back together.

So, with that reality in place, I'm going to put Franklin there for now. The former San Diego State star has elite athleticism and has some real two-way upside if he ever finds consistency with his shot. Assuming Rajon Rondo sticks around, these two could have some fun in the open court.


BR's Wasserman's mock: Celtics pick Steven Adams

Wasserman is the first person linking the Kiwi to the Celtics.

2013 NBA Mock Draft: Full 2-Round Predictions, Post-Draft Lottery Edition

Steven Adams is a prospect on the rise after standing out to coaches at the combine. He came out and demonstrated an outside touch that nobody saw coming.

Initially thought of as just a seven-foot athlete, teams are now beginning to see he has some basketball talent and skill with which to work.

Boston isn't going to find a prospect ready to come in and contribute to a title run. Adams is a longer-term project, but one that could offer great reward down the road as a two-way center with unexpected talent.


CBS' Matt Moore's mock: Celtics pick Kelly Olynyk

Of course, Moore mentions Olynyk's T-Rex arms:

2013 NBA Mock Draft: Matt Moore

Kelly Olynyk, PF, Gonzaga: Incredibly short arms, but a solid frame and a good amount of offensive moves. Working with Doc might be perfect.

It's looking more and more that the Celtics' will either pick a wing man that Danny is in love with (although he really hasn't shown his cards yet in terms of a SG or SF) or the best available big man in either Olynyk, Plumlee, Dieng, Saric, Gobert, or Adams.


Chris Mannix mock has Celtics pick Gorgui Dieng

Kevin O'Connor and others (including myself) would be happy with this pick.

2013 NBA Mock Draft: Cleveland Cavaliers select Nerlens Noel - NBA - Chris Mannix -

With or without the core of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce -- two players who may not be in Boston when training camp opens -- the Celtics need size. Dieng, 23, has a defensive reputation (he was the Big East Defensive Player of the Year last season after swatting 2.5 shots and pulling down 9.4 rebounds per game) but his offensive game is better than most think: Dieng is a strong passer with a decent mid-range jump shot who scouts say is one of the best screen men in the draft.


SBNation Mock Draft: Celtics pick ...Tony Mitchell

This is a new name on me and perhaps a bit of a reach, but (in their mock) with Dieng and others off the board, I guess you never know.

2013 NBA Mock Draft: In top 10, beauty is in the eye of the beholder -

Boston Celtics -- Tony Mitchell, North Texas Danny Ainge has never been afraid to take risks and someone needs to go full YOLO and take Mitchell. He is a 6'8, 235-pound forward with a 38' vertical who averaged 3 blocks a game and shot 34 percent from three. Just from alley-oops alone, Rajon Rondo would make him a useful player.


Mock draft watch: Chad Ford, Draft Express, etc.

This is just throwing darts at a board at this point, but hey, it is fun to discuss.

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