Dreaming the Celtics "Dream Team"

What I'm going to write in this fan post is very unrealistic and will probably Never happen. Never ever. This is just something that's been a day dream in the back of my mind ever since I read Danny Ainge's talk about the Celtics future including Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Again there is no source of this and there will most likely never be one of this nature.

Before I mention my "dream team" team, I would like to say I feel like Ainge should be in the hot seat. He not only brought in 6-8 players last season who barely did a thing for this team to be able to contend for a Championship. He also mentioned after the season ended, to the crappy NY Knicks, that they're more than 1 player away from contending unless they picked up a "great player" in Free Agency. Management above him should put him in that hot seat. I also feel like Doc is putting him in that seat too. To me, I feel like Doc Rivers is contemplating whether to come back as a Celtics head coach. I think he wants to see what Ainge brings to the table without having Pierce and possibly KG not in the lineup next season.

Again, before I write this, there is no source and this is highly doubtful to actually happen. I 'm the last person who's willing to accept the Celtics future without the likes of Pierce and Garnett.

With that being said, here's my dream. Through my eyes, with Ainge being in the hot seat. He needs to make some pretty BIG moves this off season, plain and simple. For the time being, he starts waiving players including Wilcox and White for now. Next, he somehow makes a deal with the Clippers to move Pierce and Rondo as a sign and trade for Chris Paul. Before making the move, he tells KG the plans and KG just decides to hang up his jersey and retire a Celtic while Pierce feels like he can go another year before retiring a Celtic. With those moves opening some cap with the players waived. Then moving Rondo for CP3, Ainge decides to go even deeper. He finds a crazy way to sign and trade O.J. Mayo for Avery Bradley.

Stay with me now, after grabbing CP3 and Mayo for giving up Pierce, Rondo and Bradley. He looks to open more cap space and at the same time make a push in the draft. In another crazy manner, he finds a top 5 draft pick team willing to take Courtney Lee and Brandon Bass and the #16 pick to make that push for Nerlens Noel.

Stick with me for another minute, the dream is almost over. With all the moves being made and all the cap space opened, a BIG man looks at our team and calls Ainge. Mr. Dwight Howard enters the building. He finds a way to sign D12 to a nice contract to put him in a Celtics jersey.

So all in all, my dream ends with this Celtics "Dream Team" lineup..

Chris Paul / Terrence Williams

O.J. Mayo / Jason Terry

Jeff Green / Jordan Crawford

Jarred Sullinger / Nerlens Noel

Dwight Howard / Shavlik Randolph

Lastly this is a fictional dream with no sources of any kind. Just a simple dream that I (A Die Hard Celtics Fan) needed to get off my chest. Hopefully to anyone reading this understands this and feels the laughter.

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