Which offseason option do you prefer? Celtics have choices to make

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo are contemplating how to trade Terry in the middle of a game.

I feel like we've covered most of the gamut of options that face the Celtics this offseaon on the blog in the last few days. At least in general. Inside any of these general options are dozens of variations. But I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the various offseason options and see which one suits your fancy the most.

Here are some quick descriptors (in no particular order) and then you can vote below (and of course debate it in the comments).

1) Run it back - Bring back Pierce and Garnett to pair with a healthy Rondo and Sullinger and support with a rising Jeff Green and Avery Bradley. Scale back the minutes for KG and Pierce in the regular season - perhaps even bringing them off the bench. Sign as many non-injury prone support players as you can get for cheap and hope for the best as we give the guys one final shot.

2) Trade the vets - Trade Pierce and perhaps even KG to a team willing to send us back younger players (and picks if we can manage it). Maybe that means the Clippers in a package deal. Or perhaps it means sending Pierce to a cap strapped team looking to waive him. Not sure what kind of real value Ainge can get for them but at the deadline KG might have brought us back DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe and I suppose we'll never know just how close we were to landing Josh Smith.

3) Trade assets for stars or semi-stars - It was hard parting with Al Jefferson and some other guys but getting back Kevin Garnett was more than worth it. I don't see another KG level player available but if you could get a legit star, you'd have to be willing to give up Sullinger and/or Avery to make it happen. Oh, and you kind of need two (or more) to tango - so this is dependent upon finding the right dance partners.

4) Trade Rondo - probably leads to tanking but it depends on what you can get in return. I covered this today, no need to go over it again.

5) Slash payroll - Ainge could waive Pierce for his reduced guaranteed salary or amnesty him outright. Doing so might prompt KG to file his retirement papers and/or agree to a reduced buyout. Some more financial finagling might put us in position to have some money to throw at a free agent or two.

6) Tank - Some combination of all the above could put the Celtics in a position to be really, really bad for a year or two. Just hope that you are lucky enough to stop being really, really bad in year 3 or so.

So what'll it be folks? Which options seems the best to you right now? You are allowed to change your mind daily or hourly. I do.

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