Run it Back Next Year

Here is Why.... I'll Explain My Side

after talking to everyone and analyzing our salary cap situation
i'm certain that pierce and kg will comeback since free agents right now sucks...
and since we cannot afford j-smoove and big al and that's the truth, with our remaining MLE of 3 i think
the only centers available are impossible to get
bosh 20 million
biedrins 12million
big al 15million
josh max contract
mozgov 3million
cole aldrich
kaman huge contract also

the only person i can think of is mozgov
and since by trading rondo and not having an exchange legit pure ball-handler PG, i keep him, than lose for nothing, and since trading pp and kg gives us crap players, i rather keep both of them... and even they retire gives us only half of there salaries, still in hard cap because of rondo salary green bass terry lee,

and if trade of bass comes, do it...since i think wilcox wont be resign (maybe), white crawford traded for sure maybe even melo...if adding picks won't give us gortat varejao big al etc; i rather not make a trade and make another run, and by trading green, lee and terry, and having no replacements, injured barbosa, tony allen korver barnes all in max contract, i'll stick with the same line-ups besides chemistry is already here
resign pierce kg comes back, doc rivers coach again

we all need to rely on draft
alex len
kenny kadji
kelly olynx
+ 1 pg or sf that is what we need right now

and the truth hurts again
bass 3 years
terry 3 years
green 3 years
i'm a GM of a team i won't do that trade, unless maybe u add picks and maybe bradley and sully
terry + Bass both 3 years contract is hard to trade
that is the problem, if i trade bas lee terry into a rebuilding team why would i take a player with 3 years contract? or lets say utah taking 2 players with 3years contract each, jazz should rather keep big al

since the morris twins and scola are in pheonix suns, they will have no interest for bass, would you trade jeff green and bradley just to get gortat?

utah got haywayrd, they don't have legit pg but mo williams they also need shooting guard, would you trade bradley or lee and rondo for jefferson? and jazz wants sign in trade because 15million is unreachable

would you sign smith for 5 years max contract? and saying rondo and smith will change the culture of what pierce and kg did, or trade players, since they need sf and sg and pf would you do green lee sully just for smith?

ainge talk to oden...he is around 3million i think or 4 million
if pierce was traded kg was not here, welcome to rebuilding, like houston type, trying to acquire star players... as reggie miller says let them play, if they decide to retire now...that's the time to rebuild but after loosing 1st round exit without sully and rondo out...
i don't think kg will walk out like that
pierce stated he wants to play, celtics or somewhere
not sure on kg, unless pierce is back, i don't rely on green saving us on offense i still need those 9 rebounds 21 points of pierce...

green has the higher percentage but, sometime green only gets 9 points which is scary if pierce is gone

if its mozgov and oden then so be it
mozgov is much better upgrade on fab melo
given 20minutes per game in a different system defense...

doc style is shoot the ball if you missed, go back to opponents basket and defense, that is why without kg our offensive rebounds sucks...smith sucks on half-court, mozgov is back to basket type of player...i think he can fit in our system...

Hoping For Pierce And KG To Retire Is A Bad Sign

Example Kg and Pierce Went To Cleveland (i say wow)

Our Record Would Be 26 Wins or 29 wins, with some loses w/out KG and PP

(someone will say contender but not a championship caliber team)

remember playoffs next year with rondo and sully


i pick loyalty with talent over talent with no heart of a celtics

without kg and pierce vs. knicks i was thinking 4-0 sweep

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