Getting to the bottom of the Doc Rivers question.

Stop thinking like a fan for a minute.

Ainge and Rivers are sorting out next season.

What is there to sort out? Everything, gentlemen....everything.

Nothing is settled. This is a difficult situation brought on by Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. Ainge tried to plan for it, but the whole shebang is about to hit the shebanger.

"Run it back" is looking like it's not going to happen.

This explains Rivers lack of commitment to his final three years.

I asked you to stop thinking like a fan. We are emotional people...this is business, what we want is secondary. Ainge must assemble assets to build the next championship team. He does not have them. We are free to suggest he has a "good base." I say Ainge does not agree with us.

A post big 3 of:




Is not championship caliber in Ainge's mind. I suggest this based on the following.

Rondo has been on the trading block three times. There are two NBA teams who want Rondo now.

Green was traded for and given a friendly contract because he is a top of the line trade asset.

Pierce has a nice, big expiring contract and would be a solid addition to a contender.

Doc Rivers has all of this figured out. The cards are on the table. He has little leverage as of today. He can retire or, he can stay. He will not commit to staying. His agent gets calls every day from teams who want him.

Can Ainge trade Rivers Pierce, Rondo and Green or, any combination to create the assets for the next championship?

This is why Rivers won't commit. Would you? He's got absolutely NOTHING to count on. How in Christmas is a head coach supposed to get a team ready with the above?

Think like your coach now. You have no idea what your lineup is going to be NONE. Your agent calls every day and tells you job offers and Ainge has to keep every asset he has on the block so that you and I can look forward to a championship again some day. Shooting the sh*% on ESPN a couple of nights a week starts to look pretty good when Fab Melo is your back up center and two of your best players are in rehab now.

Build around Rondo? If Rivers or Ainge agreed with that statement I wouldn't be writing this post...right?

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