Some Things Remain

Whether Doc stays or goes, there are still roster issues to solve. Whether KG stays or goes, we need another center. Whether PP stays or goes, we could use an additional SF. No matter what happens with any of those three, we still need a backup PG and an argument can be made that we need an upgrade at SG. Whether they stay or go, there is limited financial flexibility.

If the decision is made to run it back, one of the best combinations is to play Green and Pierce at the same time. This creates a problem because then once again there is no back up at SF.

One possible trade that I consider a no brainer would be to send Jordan Crawford to the Lakers for the non-guaranteed contract of Chris Duhon which goes to Dallas for their #13 pick and Vince Carter.

Why Dallas does it. They have already made it known that they would like to clear additional cap space for their run at Dwight Howard and/ or Chris Paul. Thus they need a contract they can immediately eliminate.

Why the Lakers do it. Though Kobe says he will be ready for training camp, it is unlikely and even if he did come back by then, it is unlikely that he would be 100%. While they can re-sign Jodie Meeks, the added insurance of Crawford would be prudent. And while Crawford will probably never be an all- star, he is better than Duhon and a little over a million dollars cheaper option. Plus Crawford can run the point in a pinch for what was an often injured Nash. All important to a team that also has limited financial flexibility.

Why the Celtics do it. I think most would agree that Crawford probably does not fit in the long range plans and by trading him, you preserve the options on the Chinese Connection (Williams, Randolph, and White). Even though Carter will be 37, he is still very productive in limited minutes and can play at the 2 or 3. (For comparison; PP 18.6 pts. 6.3 reb. 4.8 ast. in 33.5 mins. Carter 13.5 pts. 4.1 reb. 2.3 ast. in 25.8 mins.) Carter is also on the final year of his $3.1M contract (a trade kicker would make him about 3.8 for the Celts) so that is pretty good production at two spots of need at an affordable price.

But let's not forget the draft pick which is #13. With it and the #16 that we already have, you could get Shroeder AND Adams or Larkin AND Olynyk or plug in whichever two names you prefer. Other options become available too.

There are rumors out of Phoenix that they want to start a rebuild through the draft and are considering moving Gortat for Portland's #10. But Bass and the #13 might be enough to convince them to send Gortat to Boston instead.

Orlando is also wanting to rebuild through the draft, are further along than Phoenix, have let it be known that Vucevic is not untouchable, and have talked about trading down. They seem at this point to prefer quantity of picks over a high pick. So maybe you can combine the 13 and 16 for the #2 and maybe even Vucevic. Danny has said there are only 3, maybe 4 in this draft that are likely to make an immediate impact. Here again, plug in your own favorite name (Noel, McLemore, Porter, Len, whoever) but you would need a high pick to get any of them.

Cleveland, Washington, and Charlotte have all said they might be willing to let their 1,3, and 4 picks respectively go for the right deal. So the possibilities are many.

The point is, one seemingly insignificant trade can have the ability to improve the roster and change the whole complexion of the team going forward, both near and long term. Some of the options that this would open up could help resolve the situations with Doc, KG, and PP or at least make their outcome more tolerable. That is why I call this trade a no brainer.

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