Why Jerry Sloan would have made sense as Celtics head coach

Hi fellow Celtics fans,

first of all, let me apologize. My English could be better.

Let's say the trade that sends Doc, KG and our captain to the greener pastures of Southern California goes all the way. We would be left not only without the soul of this franchise but without the man that changed the culture of the Celtics too. We would be losing one of the three best coaches in modern NBA basketball for the same reason. It means, for sure, a new beginning for Boston. So, what would we have for the ongoing future?

Rajon Rondo is an all-star, Jeff Green could become an even more deadly scorer with more touches and DeAndre Jordan, although overpaid, would be a massive improvement on the defensive side. Avery Bradley is an elite outside defender and Courtney Lee is a very valuable player. Jared Sullinger, avoiding injuries, is set to be a very good power forward while Brandon Bass could fit in a lesser role and be more effective. We would have some first round picks too so it's clear that we are not a lottery team. But we would still lack a coach, somebody that could get the best from these guys. Somebody that could make Rondo excel but help the team find some other options on offense. Some guy that could give us a new identity. To me it's obvious that Rondo can be a leader. He has a strong personality, he plays defense and he was becoming an efficient scorer (kinda). So we need a coach with the ability to work with the best non-scoring point guard in the league and build a team around. I know many of you and many of well known pundits believe a high uptempo offense would fit Rondo better, but I'm one for what Jerry Sloan could bring to the table.

The former Utah Jazz legend said that "if the right situation came along, whatever that is" he would go back to the ring this season. Well, I believe a Celtics post-Clippers trade would be the right situation. We would still be winners, not a lottery team. We would have a franchise player in the name of Rajon Rondo and some other good pieces on both sides of the floor: Jeff Green-Avery Bradley-Brandon Bass-DeAndre Jordan-Courtney Lee plus what the draft is hiding from us. He could develop another offensive strategy rich in pick & rolls with such a magnificent passer and a couple of good finishers under the rim, and we could add to the bag some kind of Tyson Chandler-esque Jordan with those alley-oops everybody loves.

He could also bring another strong personality like Doc Rivers to help guide Rajon Rondo. I can't imagine Rondo listening to Vinny del Negro and I know you couldn't either. He could give this team another two or three years, yes, I am aware he's older than the game of basketball, but as we would say in my country: 'más sabe el diablo por viejo que por diablo'. He would be respected by fans, players, refs and everybody else around and he's still a pretty good damn coach, able to rescue the Jazz after Malone's and Stockton's farewell. So he's already experienced not only at the highest level but at the same level the Celtics would find themselves in, the calm after the storm.

and... NOW I KNOW JERRY SLOAN IS BACK WITH THE JAZZ.. but a man can dream, right?

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