Ainges' Auctions: Part 2

Welcome again to Ainge's Auctions "Where the deals are always square, and even the coaches are for sale."

Here's some more offers we're running right now:

Special 1:

Boston Gets: Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks, 22nd pick

Brooklyn Gets: Brandon Bass, Courtney Lee

I know you're sitting at your computer wondering what the hell I'm smoking right now. But seriously, while I'm not crazy about a Kardashian ex, this trade makes a lot of sense for us here at Ainge's Auctions. The Nets need to shed Kris Humpries and his massive deal, but they need to get some real value in return, due to their massive cap issues. Let's help them out. The Nets get a scoring big off the bench in Brandon, who has the added ability of guarding Carmelo and LeBron competently. In Lee they replace MarShon off the bench, with better defense.

The Celtics get Humphries' huge contract...... That's either a nice trade chip next season as an expiring deal, or a nice salary dump. Who knows, maybe he'd resign for a reasonable amount, and give good production. MarShon is a nice prospect, with good upside. The 22nd pick lets us take a shot on a high upside guy, or lets us trade up. Oh, and before we leave this trade idea, Brooklyn saves 2.1 million on this deal, which saves them paying out a crap ton extra in taxes..... if someone wants too, they could crunch those numbers for me.

Special 2:

Boston Gets: Ish Smith, Bucks second round pick 2014

Milwaukee Gets: Jordan Crawford

Again, I know it's not sexy..... With Reddick going to Free Agency, and probably getting a better deal elsewhere the Bucks need to fill out their SG rotation. Crawford does this, adding a lot of scoring off a "meh" Milwaukee bench. For Boston, we get the backup PG we need. He's young, shows promise as a career backup, with a good 10-15 minutes per game in him. On top of all that look at that contract, 910k for 3 years..... I could live with that for my backup. Their the same age, but I'd rather Smith. Crawford has the better career numbers, so we get a second in return.

Special 3:

Boston Gets: DeMarcus Cousins, John Salmons, Isaiah Thomas, Marcus Thorton, 7th pick

Sacramento Gets: Jeff Green, Rajon Rondo

I know, this is insane.... But speaking as a Kings/Celts fan, this trade makes sense for both. D-Marc has let it be known he wants a max extension, Sacramento being a small market doesn't want to pay that out if he continues to be a head case. Instead they get Rondo and Green, both reasonably priced, one allstar, one wannabe star. Add that to Tyreke, and Sacramento is extremely relevant in the West.

As for the Celtics, I don't want D-Marc and Rondo on the same team, too many emotions. Move Green and Rondo, get two young prospects, eat a little salary in Thorton and Salmons, but end up with a decent pick moving forward.

Special 4:

Boston Gets: Omer Asik, Thomas Robinson

Houston Gets: Paul Pierce

So if Houston really wants Dwight Howard, their going to have to unload some salary. It makes sense Asik would be some of that as having two Centers would be redundant. So Houston gets Pierce who they can buyout for only 5 million. Good luck with Howard ; )

As for Boston, T-Rob is a fantastic prospect, who in a rotation with Sully could be lethal. I know we'd have Jordan and Asik if both the KG deal and this went through. I'd look to unload Jordan. Asik is on a nice contract for a starting quality big man at only 8 million a year. You could ask for Houston's first rounder next year, I just don't know that they'd want to give it..... probably not.

Special 5:

I haven't been able to come up with this one yet..... Bonus points to whoever can figure out a deal for Lance Stephenson.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our specials.... If you want to see the first edition of Ainges' Auctions, it can be found here:

If you're going to post your own, remember the rules... Any trades go as long as they bring in prospects, dump cap, or bring in picks. Get going! I look forward to your comments, and as always be sure to Rec if you liked the post ; )

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