Taking inventory of every possible angle in the Doc Rivers saga


For fun, or maybe catharsis, I'm going to try to summarize every angle on the Doc/Clippers trade as it stands right now (Sunday 1:30pm ET). Please add any you think I missed.

The Celtics media leak angle (aka the Woj) - Clippers refused to offer anything more than a 2nd round pick for Doc on Friday, and it's unclear if even that was offered. Sterling is being cheap and/or difficult and Doc and Danny got fed up. Doc will announce if he plans to coach the Celtics or retire and go to broadcasting on Monday.

The Clipper media leak angle (aka the Heisler) - Ainge and the Celtics have no other options so the Clippers are waiting them out. The Celtics are getting desperate and threatening press conferences to try to force the Clippers to offer a 1st rounder soon (year to be determined), but the Clippers are perfectly content to pursue a backup plan of hiring Byron Scott or Brian Shaw and have already negotiated money with both of them.

The Doc is to blame angle - Doc forced this situation on the Clippers and the Celtics and after Stern vetoed the deal and there was no quick resolution, he got irritated that reports are making him look bad. He now feels disrespected by the Clippers lack of urgency and will either return to the Celtics or move to broadcasting.

The Danny is to blame angle - Danny knew that Doc wasn't going to stay all 5 years and proactively devised this plan to move Doc to the Clippers by himself. Now he's stuck because the Clippers called his bluff and won't hand over a 1st rounder, so he has to either welcome Doc back (which neither Doc or Celtics management want) or he can let Doc retire and go to broadcasting.

The Sterling is to blame angle - Sterling overplayed his hand with Ainge and the Celtics and blew the deal by not simply capitulating on a 1st rounder. This was done in part because Sterling loves the cheap labor 1st rounders provide with their locked in deals. Now he runs the risk of losing Chris Paul in free agency as well as not acquiring KG, Pierce or Doc.

The CP3 appeasement angle - Sterling and the Clippers never wanted Doc in the first place and this was all a charade to appease CP3 and make him think they tried to get Doc. That's why Sterling failed to offer a 1st rounder for Doc after Stern vetoed the KG/Doc joint deals. Sterling doesn't want to pay Doc $35 million over 5 years.

The CP3 is furious angle - CP3 wanted Doc and KG to come to the Clippers and he doesn't particularly like Deandre Jordan or Blake Griffin. This is the last straw and he will now leave to combine forces with Dwight Howard in Atlanta via free agency.

The Rondo is to blame angle - Doc hates Rondo and asked to be traded because he can't stand to coach Rondo for another year and has an unrelenting desire to engage him in fisticuffs.

The Conspiracy Theory angle (aka Grassy Knoll) - The Celtics and Clippers have already agreed to a deal (presumably Doc for either a 2013, 2014 or 2015 1st rounder) but are putting on a big show to try to convince the league that this is a new and separate negotiation from the one that was previously vetoed by Stern. On Monday they will announce that at the last minute they were somehow able to reach a deal.

Did I miss anything?

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