"Celtics summer 2013 BLOW UP" like any blockbuster, was carefully planned

This show was scripted. The only part I was unaware of was the Rivers trade. Get some popcorn...entire cities are about to explode.

Blow up...part one:

Perkins for Green. The end of the big three was in sight for Ainge. OKC wanted Perk, they offered a scorer with good contract value. Jeff Green is a highly tradeable commodity. More tradeable than Perkins.

Part two:

Rondo trade rumors. They were not rumors. Two NBA execs affirmed that Ainge "wanted too much for Rondo...."

Part three:

Attempted Ray Allen and Paul Pierce trades...we all know the details.

Part four:

Signing Paul Pierce to a deal that ends in a few days. 2013 season is not about "running it back" and this decision was reached two years ago.

Part five:

KG to Clips....different combos over the last few months....correction, buckets of combos

Part six:

Listening to press reports, Rivers last contract deal with Ainge was NOT about sticking around. It was about posturing for a potential "big trade"....that never happened. He was trying to help the team. Our coach, one of the highest paid in pro sports, was never going preside over the post big three Celtics...unless a major trade was achieved.

Part seven:

A decision on Paul Pierce...this week.

Part eight:

Garnett to a contender for a future trade asset or retire and get cap space.

Now why 2013? Last year was peppered with trade rumors.

Ainge is playing the only cards he has. He did not want to suck last year...he wanted to suck this year. 2013 is marked on the board as the "suck for Luck" year as the NBA offers few options to get a franchise player. Danny will be in the 2014 lottery and that has always been the plan. Having good players winning too many games is not the plan. It can't be. If he can get the #1 in 2014 he must do everything he can to get it and he is.

Ainge has collected:

Jeff Green

Clips #1 2015

Ainge hopes to collect:

A "Jordan like" trade asset for Garnett or cap space

Cap space or a pick for Pierce

A lottery pick in 2014 (as the Celtics cannot be good this saw Rivers running out the back door didn't ya?)

Ainge will make any move with the above to get his superstar big, anything...this is for all the marbles....this is the last round up....we have one shot here to avoid NBA purgatory...we're like Frodo and Gollum fighting over the ring with all that flaming lava...

Dark Lord...Stern




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