Should Boston Part Ways with KG and Pierce?


Doc River is officially introduced as the new head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers, so the question becomes now, should Danny Ainge part ways with KG and Pierce or keep them, and let Pierce's contract expire next season, and let KG retire a Celtic?

Danny Ainge: "I’m anxious to go through the [rebuilding] process," Ainge admitted. "We don’t know when that’s going to happen, if that’s going to happen this summer or if that’s going to happen next summer. We’ve been ready, we’ve been gearing up for that possibility.

After allowing Rivers out of the final three years of his contract to pursue the Clippers coaching vacancy, the assumption has been that Boston might be as tempted as ever to turn over its roster. It’s likely that decision ultimately hinges on what the Celtics can fetch for their aging stars this summer.

"I love Paul and KG and we haven’t made that decision yet," Ainge said when asked if he wanted to bring both players back. "KG’s under contract, and Paul we have an option on in five days from now, and those are very big decisions for us. But those decisions, I’m not certain about either one of those."

The Celtics have got several calls about interest in Paul Pierce from the Cavilers, Bucks, and Timberwolves, all willing to give draft picks up to acquire Pierce, we got some news yesterday about the team has a sign-and-trade for Josh Smith ready if Paul Pierce is traded.

The Celtics have until June 30 to decide if they want to pick up Pierce’s option, buy him out for $5 million, or trade him. Since the Celtics are already over the salary cap, they would need to acquire a trade exception in any trade of Pierce in order to pull off a sign-and-trade for Smith.

As for KG, the only way KG could end up with the Clippers, is if Boston releses him, and he goes and signs with L.A. As for interest around the league for Kevin, the only two rumors i have heard are, trading KG for Miami's Chris Bosh, and just yesterday the Brooklyn Nets calling the Celitcs about interest in Garnett, unfornately for those teams KG would have to waive his no-trade clause, and agree on the trade move, which i don't see happening, because the only team he said he would waive in order to join is the Clippers. So with draft night comming up tomorrow, and the deadline just a few days away, what do you think the Celtics will do?

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