Don't Hate, Appreciate

It's our passion as Boston sports fans that makes us great and makes us the best fans in the world. But the past couple of weeks, I see that passion morphing into a weird hypocritical frenzy all over this blog. It's almost as if we need someone to be upset at instead of enjoying what we just went through.

We're destroying Doc rivers, but having nothing but love for KG. Didn't they both talk about being Celtics for life, contemplate retirement, agree to break their contract, and get moved to a "better" situation, and help the team pick up assets in the wake of their departure? Either way, does that change the fact that both of them poured everything they had into this team while they were here?

We destroyed Ray for leaving when he was a free agent. He was true to his contract to the end, and then made a choice that he was allowed to make. Sure, we may not like the team he chose, but does that change what he did for the Celtics?

We stand on our soap boxes and write about loyalty and what it means to be a Celtic when someone "leaves" us, yet many so easily talk about trading/cutting Paul Pierce as if he is just another asset. Paul Pierce, Celtic Legend, who gave his all to this team for 15 years. (For the record, I would have kept Paul Pierce). Aren't we talking out of both sides of our mouth when we do that?

We want be mad at Danny for making moves, yet we are upset when we stand pat. Is it "In Danny We Trust?" or "Fire Danny Ainge"?

The point of all this, is that all these guys mentioned above gave their heart and soul to this team while they were here and brought us Banner 17! Appreciate them for that, and leave the hate behind. They are all Celtics for life in my books.



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