Trade puts the C's in faster recovery mode

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, both the Brooklyn Nets and the Boston Celtics have reached an agreement to an 8-player deal.

Celtics gets
3 first round picks (2014, '16 and '18)
Kris Humphries (expiring contract)
Gerald Wallace
MarShon Brooks
Keith Bogans
Kris Joseph
Nets gets
Kevin Garnett
Paul Pierce
Jason Terry

As a Celtics fan I can't say this did not hurt. As much as I was pushing for a rebuilding season, I did not imagine something like this could happen so fast. It was like Danny ripping a piece of my heart in one quick swoop. I have seen Paul Pierce through the good times and through the bad . Although it seemed difficult at times he never once asked for a trade or even hinted at leaving the Celtics.

As for Kevin Garnett (KG), I always thought of him as a great player but I never would have imagine how much his presence impacted the organization. KG is the epitome of what a leader should be. His unselfishness and the energy he brings night in and night out was beyond anything I have ever seen specially from someone with his stature!

Both players along with Jason Terry, who I am actually excited to see go, for Kris Humphries (most notably for his marriage and divorce with Kim K.), Keith Bogans (with a PER of 6.7), Kris Joseph (was drafted and cut by the Celtics, not sure but could be cut again), Gerald Wallace ($30 million and 3 years left in his contract), MarShon Brooks (promising rookie season and a mediocre sophmore year).

What was Danny thinking?!?!

Setting aside emotion, I decided to look at the trade both from a financial and just overall value. It was obvious that for 2013-2014 this was a terrible trade for the Celtics. For two future Hall of Famers, for 4 players who nobody really wants. However if you look at all the pieces after 2013-2014 season, Humphries, Keith Bogans , and Kris Joseph are all likely on a 1 year deal, which ould save the Celtics a little over $5 million next year plus the three draft picks from New Jersey.

By the end of 2013-2014 season this is what the deal would look like.

Celtics gets
3 First Round Picks
Gerald Wallace (2 years, $20 million)
MarShon Brooks (2 year, $5 million)

Nets gets
Jason Terry (1 year, $5 million)
Kevin Garnett (1 year $12 million)

I guess that is not so bad. After watching Terry play last year, I really do not mind the Celtics paying an extra $5 million to Gerald Wallace. Even if he's not the same offensive player he once was, I think he would provide both defense and rebounding.

With Rajon Rondo, Jared Sullinger, Jeff Green, and Avery Bradley as well as 6 first round picks in the next three years, Danny Ainge should have enough ammunition to make a big move similar to the 2008 season. Whether it's by trading one of the players above with the draft picks or packaged a few players. Danny appears to have figured out the game plan and hopefully this time he can get a younger big three with a longer expiration date.

At this point I will give Danny Ainge a pass. He did what was needed to be done and I commend him for sticking to his word and did not let Pierce and Ainge expire on his watch. Danny the dealer has the chips now it is time to wait and see when he will cash them in and for what?


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