Five Trade Ideas

So the offseason is here, and it's time for the trade ideas to come rolling out (they have been for weeks.) So here's a couple from me. Before you read them, please note, that all of these were made keeping in mind that we would keep the team together for the most part. Meaning keeping: Rondo, Green, Pierce, and KG.

Trade 1:

Boston Gets: Demarcus Cousins, John Salmons, maybe a second round pick

Sacramento Gets: Avery Bradley, Jared Sullinger, Jeff Green, and the Celtic's 16th pick

Explanation: I'm not against bringing D-Marc to Beantown, but I am against trading Rondo to do it. This would be ideal for me. It's probably unrealalistic, but if Sacramento decides to build around Tyreke and move out the problem magnet, perhaps this would appeal to them? A young PF to pair up with the new young Center they draft with their 7th overall pick (they can probably have their pick at any of the center's), or they can wait to pick up their center with the celtic's 16th pick and instead draft, or trade for a point guard. Eric Bledsoe comes to mind.

A lineup of Some PG, Evans, Green, Sully, and new Big is a nice young lineup for the Kings to jumpstart their Franchise with. Probably just daydreaming here, but it's a thought. For the C's you get your young Center to pair with Rondo for the future. You keep Pierce and KG at their respective places. Salmons can play backup SF behind Pierce, and you could find a SG in Free Agency. Just saying, a lineup of Rondo, some SG, PP, KG, and D-Marc is pretty damn solid in the east.

Trade 2:

Boston Gets: Ian Mahinmi

Indiana Gets: Jason Terry

This may catch a few people off guard, but I'm watching Game 7 of the ECF right now, and the Pacer's have no bench. Their is just no one on their bench to come in and give them a shot of scoring energy. So they get the JET, a guy who's made for the big game, can hit the big shot, and has the experience. They can draft their backup C at 23, or find him in Free Agency.

The Celtic's get a serviceable backup Center to relieve KG but still supply the rim protection. Ian perhaps with some playing time, could potentially start (in rare cases ie. playing big ball teams,) moving KG to the PF. Another positive, is we can dump JET to a contender, and develop our younger SG's.

Trade 3:

Boston Gets: Larry Sanders

Bucks Gets: Avery Bradley, Fab Melo

This might be a dream, but I'm not so sold..... I think Jennings may jet out of Milwaukee this offseason, and the Buck's will need a guard to pair with Monta Ellis. They have J. J. Reddick, but that's a whole lot of offense with no defense at the guard positions. AB bring's his defensive tenacity, giving their lineup some balance, with Reddick coming off the bench. Fab Melo basically fills the void Sanders departure leaves. the Buck's pick at 15, and could find their Center there with Melo backing them up.

The C's get a young Center who can play defense, and bang down low. This is essentially a swap by both teams, the Bucks get perimeter D, the Celtics get post D.

Trade 4:

Boston Gets: Terrence Ross, Andrea Bargnani

Toronto Gets: Courtney Lee, Brandon Bass, Jason Terry

Now I know, this is not a sexy trade. Basically it's an I'll trade my crappy contracts for your crappy contracts. Bass and Terry for Barg's who can play a swing 4 position, and spreads the floor more for the Celtics. Ross (who I would start over Bradley.) gives you more scoring at the SG,

Toronto gets rid of Bargs like they've been dreaming of. Get a defensive minded player in Lee on the perimeter, a playable PF in Bass, and a sixth man in Terry. This actually answers a lot of needs for Toronto, while giving the Celtic's a nice young running mate for Rondo to play with at the SG. Not sure if he can be, but depending on his play I might look to amnesty Bargs, again I don't know if that can happen. This deal will probably never happen though, because it would be trading within the conference.

Trade 5:

Boston Get: Jordan Hill

Los Angeles Get: Jordan Crawford, Fab Melo

Melo is not going to be ready to play big minutes this coming season, and we need someone who can relieve KG. Hill has shown he can produce in 15mins. which is what we need. LA doesn;t need this solid of a backup behind Dwight (he is God after all.)

LA gets an explosive player off the bench in Crawford, their bench could use some help, and Melo to backup the aforementioned deity. Now I know this won't happen, it's LA and Boston, but who say's enemies can't work together for mutual gain?

So there you have it, just some trade ideas. Let me know what you think....

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