We Need Answers

I'm not going to beat around the bush anymore because I keep hearing the same thing. I just feel like some, not all, bloggers, reporters, and analysts aren't reaching far enough into this organization. Most are ending up with few to nothing on the topic.

So here it is, we need to stop looking at Doc, KG and Pierce. We need to turn our eyes and ears over to Danny Ainge. He's the one who should be in the hot seat. He should be the one to start answering more questions on what will happen with the team from hear on out. I'm not saying anything bad about Doc. He has every right to do what he's doing. I feel like if we knew what Doc knows, we would all be on his side and would have articles, blogs, and discussions on Ainge and what the heck he's doing.

The only thing we know are the the signs or signals. A sign thru an interview expressing what will be the first option with Pierce. Then there is more talk about Ainge not being ready for the KG talk yet. With those 2 players being first on Ainge's list, we obviously can start putting 2 and 2 together with the coach. He doesn't want to just come back to "some team". He obviously wants pieces to make another run for the title. If Pierce won't be on the team, not only would Doc need to be reassured, but KG too.

This isn't a rumor or a source, just some thoughts. I wouldn't be surprised, behind closed doors, that management is watching very closely over Ainge to see how far he goes and to see if he's even going in the right direction. There are probably ways to keep Pierce and KG for another year and try to push players like Lee, Bass, Melo or any other minor player, to trade away for cap space, draft pick or soon to be free agent. That option seems less likely than just starting over with players like Rondo, Bradley, Green, and Sully to build around. Even then, you could take 1 or 2 of those players and sacrifice more to get something for a quicker turnaround for a title run.

What ever direction they go, it has to be good enough for management. Not to mention Doc probably knows what direction it is and is simply waiting for answers back from Ainge. I wouldn't doubt there's a nice list of FA players Doc would love to have on the team. My idea would be to sacrifice a player like Rondo or Bradley or even both to pick up someone like Chris Paul. I only say this because of all the attention Chris Paul is getting for supposably pressuring the Clippers to try and push Doc Rivers to LA. If those have actually been true, why wouldn't he consider coming to Boston to play for Doc..

If that were true and those were possibilities, another guard to fit with CP3 on the lineup would be someone like O.J. Mayo. Obviously the next thing would be to look for a center like Al Jefferson. But I won't get into any more about the possible pick ups in this blog.

Bottom line, we need to be putting Ainge in the hot seat and wonder what is he really doing right now, and does he either plan on making blockbuster moves this off-season or build around KG and Pierce with new building pieces for another year. We need to take a step back from Doc and realize what he's doing is the correct one, and let Ainge prove to Rivers what a GM can do for this Celtics Organization.


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