2014 NBA Mock Draft 1.0


Unlike the 2013 NBA Draft, the 2014 draft is very strong and teams can find quality starters even at the 30th pick. The power has shifted in the East so this draft will have a very different order than the 2013 one. Let's begin!

1. Philadelphia 76ers - Andrew Wiggins, SF, Kansas

Andrew Wiggins is a gift to Earth from the basketball gods. He's like a hybrid of Durant and Lebron. He's a complete two-way package, with fantastic defense and mind-boggling offense using his athletic gifts. He's bound to be the next NBA superstar and lead his team to a championship. With young stars such as Noel, Williams, Thad, and Wiggins the 76ers have a bright future.

2. Charlotte Bobcats - Jabari Parker, SF, Duke

The Bobcats have been trying to find their bona fide superstar for years, and they finally find one in Parker. Parker is a Carmelo with better all-round skills. He is the only one in this class to match Wiggins' skill and this could turn out to be a heated rivalry. He can do everything on offense, from attacking the basket to pulling up for 3. Expect him to be a perennial All-Star.



3. Phoenix Suns - Julius Randle, PF, Kentucky

Randle is everything that personifies offense in a power forward. He uses his advanced athleticism, post moves and jumper to light up the scoreboard. He can be a Garnett/Duncan type player and lead his team to victory. The Suns are a team that practically have needs everywhere can pick up this stud and watch a front court tandem of Alex Len and Julius Randle terrorize the league.

4. Sacramento Kings - Aaron Gordon, PF, Arizona

Gordon is a virtual clone of Blake Griffin and a human highlight machine. His athleticism is off the charts and he can do something special every night. He must improve on his shooting if he wants to be a real threat. A front-court tandem of Cousins and Gordon would be scary for any team.

5. Utah Jazz - Glenn Robinson III, SF, Michigan

Robinson fills a spot of need on the Jazz, and can immediately start contributing. He can do everything solidly and is a defensive specialist. He needs to hone his long shot for one more year, but he can be a solid contributor to the new look Jazz and be reunited with Trey Burke.

6. Milwaukee Bucks - Andrew Harrison, PG, Kentucky

Harrison has natural size and athleticism to be a very successful point guard in the Association. He towers over opposition and has a very all rounded offensive game to go with his extraordinary passing skills. He still has to prove he can man the court, but other than that he is a true point guard that can thrive in the league. He can easily be the replacement of Jennings or Ellis.



7. Orlando Magic - Marcus Smart, PG, Oklahoma State

Marcus Smart would have probably been a top-3 pick in the 2013 draft, but going back to school hurt his chances of being top-3 because of the loaded top of the draft. He has massive size for a PG, but utilizes it very well. Smart is very unique as he can be the leading scorer or an assist machine and playmaker. Overall he is

8. Boston Celtics - Dante Exum, SG, Australia

With Pierce, Garnett, Terry, and Rivers gone the Celtics enter a period of rebuilding. They desperately need scoring from their guards as Rondo and Bradley are offensively anemic at times. That's why this pick goes to Exum who can take the starting SG role and put up points in bunches. Exum lives on the dribble and has the athleticism and explosiveness to create his own shot like a premier off-guard in the NBA. Exum also can assist well so Rondo can relax a little and focus on scoring. Exum is also a very fluid athlete who can draw tons of fouls with a 6'4, 188 lb frame.



9. Dallas Mavericks - Wayne Selden, SG, Kansas

Selden is a strong, sharpshooter that can do serious damage to the opposition. He also can create his own shot and destroy defenders on isolation. Dallas desperately needs a good SG not named Vince Carter. Selden can learn from Carter and grow into a star guard.

10. Detroit Pistons - Dario Saric, SF, Croatia

Saric withdrew from the 2013 draft to improve and season his game more and if he did, he's a surefire top 10 pick. Saric has amazing versatility as he can finish at the rim, assist well, and hit the mid range shot. For a Detroit team that sorely needs a SF, Saric is the perfect solution.

11. Atlanta Hawks - James Michael McAdoo, PF, North Carolina

Many expected McAdoo to breakout this past season and be a top-5 pick. The problem was he couldn't be a leader or thrive in a go-to role. He is still working on his jump shot and needs to grow into that go-to scorer role. With Smith gone, McAdoo could be a perfect replacement.



12. Philadelphia 76ers (from Pelicans) - Mario Hezonja, SG, Croatia

With all other positions covered, the 76ers use this pick to solidify their SG position with Hezonja. Hezonja is a very athletic guard at 6'6 who can shoot the 3 ball well. He can also drive to the hoop and use his athleticism to finish. He can be a perfect complement to Carter-Williams.

13. Portland Trail Blazers - Joel Embild, C, Kansas

If the Meyers Leonard project doesn't go too well, the Blazers need a solid center to accompany LaMarcus Aldridge. Embild is projected to be the best center in this class and a beast at crashing the glass and dunking the ball. He can hold down the middle as he is a defensive force to be reckoned with. Embild can also enjoy many easy baskets with Lillard passing.

14. Los Angeles Lakers - James Young, SG, Kentucky

As a potential replacement for Kobe, the Lakers select Young. Young is a perfect example of "3 and D". He is a 3-point marksman as he can shoot it from anywhere beyond the line and make it. He also has a very smooth stroke that helps his shooting. His shooting also comes with his ferocious defense. He can lock down other guards in the perimeter and down low. He may not be the next Kobe, but he is a good player that can be a starter for a long time.

15. Minnesota Timberwolves - Jerami Grant, SF, Syracuse

Grant is somewhat similar to Otto Porter. An all-round SF who can do everything and all the little things that matter. He's poised to have a breakout season at Syracuse. The Timberwolves could use to have a solid SF to contribute right away.

16. Washington Wizards - Isiah Austin, C, Baylor

Isiah Austin is sure to be dominant C in the NBA with his 7'1 height and lanky frame. He has a dominant post game and has thew ability to take over a game. The Wizards need a good center to pair with Wall, Beal, and Porter. The only problem Austin seems to have is his lack of weight. He would get pushed around in the NBA and needs to bulk up if he wants to be a legitimate center.



17. Cleveland Cavaliers - Willie Cauley-Stein, C, Kentucky

Cauley-Stein has all the tools to become a top center in the league, he just doesn't know how to utilize them. He can leap high and be an excellent rim protector at the next level. He is also a defensive force and can control defenses which is a good quality for a C.

18. Toronto Raptors - Mitch McGary, PF/C, Michigan

With the loss of Andrea Bargnani, the Raptors have a big hole in their front-court. They can fix this by drafting McGary who literally transformed during March Madness. He is an explosive big who can dominate down low and pass well. He doesn't have a lot of athleticism, but he can flat out dominate his opposition.

19. Houston Rockets - Noah Vonleh, SF, Indiana

Vonleh is maven at offense, but not that adept at defense. He has an impressive body at 6'9 and a 7'2 wingspan which will help him get to the rim. He also has a very accurate mid-range shot that expands to the 3-point line as well. Vonleh can line up next to Harden to form a formidable offensive duo.

20. Golden State Warriors - Rasheed Sulaimon, SG, Duke

The Warriors need another shooting threat outside of Steph Curry. Sulaimon can light it up from deep or mid-range. He's a prolific shooter who can only improve in his sophomore season. He's also a nice defender and slasher who can thrive on a team with a good point guard. He can also help space out the court.

21. Memphis Grizzlies - Chris Walker, SF, Florida

Chris Walker might not even get to play in college, but if he does he could be a sensation. "Sky" Walker is an explosive athlete that can do it all. He also has a lot of speed to run the court and finishes hard at the rim. For a team that is a little lacking on the offensive side of the ball, Walker could be a huge addition and could help lift this team to the finals in 2015 season.



22. Denver Nuggets (From NY Knicks) - Montrezl Harrell, PF/C, Louisville

The Nuggets are so deep that they don't have any pressing needs, they can use this pick from NY to pick the BPA. That player could be Harrell. Harrell was a solid player for the championship Cardinals. He could be a quality backup to Faried or even start at one of the frontcourt positions. Harrell shot a staggering 58% from the field and was a defensive stopper on the team with other lockdown defenders such as Gorgui Dieng.

23. Los Angeles Clippers - Ilmaine Diop, C, Senegal

Not much is known about this freak of nature from Senegal other than that he has an excellent set of body tools. He has a 6'11, 225 lb frame that can block, rebound, and consistently hit the mid-range shot. He can also shoot FT well which is a problem for most big men. He is a draft-n'-stash prospect who can continue the culture of Lob City in the city of angels.

24. Chicago Bulls - Patric Young, PF, Florida

Patric Young has reached his potential and we all know what he can do: be a good rim-protector, shot blocker, and be a defensive anchor. With the likely departure of Boozer after next season, the Bulls need a legitimate PF. Young may not wow people with his skills, but he can be a quality starter in the Association for years to come. Patric Young is my personal favorite from this class because of his intensity, hustle and toughness which would be a good addition to a core of Rose, Butler, Deng, and Noah.

25. Denver Nuggets - T.J. Warren, SF, NC State

Warren is a solid athlete who can score the ball well. He averaged 12.2 ppg, but can improve it over this season. He has many tools to make him a successful NBA player, but needs to improve on his defense at the next level. He'll be a solid addition to a Nuggets team that already has very good players.

26. Boston Celtics (From Brooklyn Nets) - Alex Poythress, SF, Kentucky

Poythress can be the perfect 6th man for the Celtics as he is an explosive forward with bounds of potential. He can shoot the 3, play tough defense, and drive to the rim hard. He has to improve in the shooting area as he is a bit raw, but if his potential is unlocked, he could be a future superstar. He coud play behind Green or even take over as the starter if he polishes up his game this year at Kentucky.



27. Indiana Pacers - Przemek Karnowski, C, Gonzaga

Karnowski is the embodiment of the position center as he is 7'1 and 280 pounds. He is a physical force in front of the rim and could be a potential bruiser. He also has very good range on his shot which can expand up to the 3-point line. It's always good to have 3-point shooters which the Pacers could use. Pairing Hibbert with Karnowski would truly create "Twin Towers".

28. San Antonio Spurs ­- Aaron Harrison, SG, Kentucky

Harrison could be the replacement of Manu Ginobili as he is getting old. Haqrrison is an absolute sniper as he has an incredibly high rate of making shots. He can also drive to the rim for layups. He is a little passive player, but he could be a potential shooting threat who can put up 20 a game. The Spurs collect another asset to pair with their growing core of Leonard and Green.

29. Oklahoma City Thunder - Vasileios Charalampopoulos, SF, Greece

I'm going to refer to Charalampopoulos as Chara ‘cause his name is way too long. Chara has a very polished game and is very athletic at 6'8, 236 lbs. He has a skill set similar to the Greak Freak, but has a lot of time to develop. He's only 17 and can be stashed by a team like the Thunder who could use a talented forward if Ibaka leaves. Chara could be a very good player as he plays for Pathaninaikos, the best B.C in Europe where he can develop into a starting-caliber forward.

30. Miami Heat - Semaj Christon, PG, Xavier

With the Heat still not having a really good point guard, the Heat select Semaj Christon. Christon is compared to Jrue Holiday by many experts as he has the same explosive first step. He has a very dangerous drive in which he can slice through defenders. He also can dribble his way around people and is very crafty with the ball. Christon does have a big negative as he does not have an outside shot much like another famous point guard: Rondo. The Heat would help hide all his weaknesse and he helps them with his amazing distributive game.

That concludes my really early mock draft. I'll try to do more of these throughout the season where we get more information. Fell free to comment and let me know how this mock was as this was my first attempt at a fanpost. Bye!

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