Who improved most?

Still a few moves left in free agency and possible trades but we are far enough along to do this. What teams improved this offseason.

Suns: A team in transition, they had no real star players. They took a low priced gamble that they could land one in Bledsoe. I believe in the long run they win this deal as long as they start him and sign him long term. They also draft Len who has the tools to be a very good center in this league or could be a bust. In the end, I think they improved.

Rockets: Obviously an improvement by adding Dwight. If they keep Asik they have two of the best rebounding centers in the game and both play good defense as well. I also like the PG they picked up in the draft Canaan. I think he can be a slightly above average player.

Knicks: Knicks made it no secret they wanted to get younger this offseason. By trading away Camby and Novak for Bargnani and drafting Hardaway Jr they did that. Now Bargnani has never reached his potential and likely never will but that was as the 1st option. On this Knicks team he will be somewhere between option 2 and 4 which should help as will playing with Melo and Amar'e drawing away defenders.

Bucks: People will likely disagree with me on this one as they lost Ellis and might also lose Jennings. However, this is a young, up and coming defensive team and they built around that this offseason. Pachulia is a big physical center who will fit in well with this team. Ridnour is a pesky defender. O.J. Mayo I believe is a better defender than Ellis even if he is slightly less offensively. They also added a very gifted and tall player in Adetokunbo who just may be the best player from this draft when all is said and done and a great ball handler in Wolters. They have also signed Jeff Teague to an offer sheet and still have Jennings as a RFA at this point in time.

Kings: New ownership has made a few moves. Drafting McLemore was a good start and good shooting goes a long ways. They also managed to trade for Vasquez formerly of the Hornets. A big PG who showed good improvement last season and is an upgrade for the Kings at that position. Mbah a Moute also came over in a separate trade. He will give them a little physical defense off the bench.

Blazers: Managed to get T-Rob from Houston for a stashed away euro player. He should finally get the minutes he needs to develop. The team traded for the serviceable Robin Lopez and signed Dorell Wright giving the team veteran depth. In the draft they drafted two good shooters in McCollum and Crabbe to go with last season score. Slowly building a good young team.

Cavaliers: Drafting the gifted but undersized Bennett took most by surprise. He should be able to give them better play than Thompson last season though. Earl Clark was added, not entirely sure why but he could help if he plays like he did last season. Jack will be a big addition to their bench for leadership, scoring and ball control. The biggest question mark is of course Bynum. If he gets and stays healthy he could push them into the playoffs and possibly far into them but that's a big if...

Pelicans: Draft night trade netted them Holiday who will give them a dynamic scorer with quickness. They traded for Tyreke Evans, whom I wanted in Boston, and who should really team with Holiday to improve that backcourt. Sharp shooter Morrow a career 42% three point shooter should add spacing for the team. Old pal Stiemsma was added to a 1 year deal and they also acquired Withey from the Blazers in the Evans deal. Added size as backups.

Pistons: Caldwell-Pope will give the team good defense at the SG spot which will go a long ways towards getting this team back to the defensive team it was when battling the Shaq lead Lakers. Tony Mitchell gives the team an athletic, high jumping player for the bench who could be molded into a player like Josh Smith, who they added. Smith will give them great defense and rebounding. Another staple of the last great Pistons teams on Ben Wallace and Chauncey Billups....Who returned to finish his career. Giving the team and Knight great veteran leadership

Warriors: Managed to trade away high priced expiring contracts and sign Iggy away from the Nuggets. This move alone should improve the team but they didn't stop there. Added Toney Douglas, Jermaine O'Neal and Mareese Speights too.

T'Wolves: Besides being struck with injuries last season this team lacked real scoring and a good core of backup bigs. They addressed that this offseason first by drafting Shabazz Muhammed and Gorgui Dieng. They then proceeded to sign gifted shooter Kevin Martin, Ronnie Turiaf, defender and ex-t'wolf Corey Brewer.

Clippers: The Clippers managed to turn 2 players into a bench. Trading Bledsoe and Butler for Reddick and Dudley. Drafting Bullocks and signing Darren Collison to a below average deal. They are also still trying to work out a deal with Odom and/or Jamison

Nets: Big news was the trade for KG, Pierce and Terry. They drafted the gazelle that is Plumlee and then managed to sign Shaun Livingston and Andrea Kirilenko. This Bench reads like a list of former NBA starters. In the end I think the most improved team will come down to 4 teams: Nets, Clippers, Warriors, T'wolves. Pistons just miss out... Who do you have as the most improved team this season and what do you think the two biggest moves were this season so far?

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