Ideas for the New Celtics Roster

Obviously none of us will know who will be on the Celtics final roster come opening day, but that doesn't mean we can't have ideas that might be possible for the Celtics. I felt like writing this blog because a roster move popped up in my head.

Before I mention it, this "idea" is not a rumor by any chance, nor does it have any sources to it. It could be the furthest thing from what might happen with the C's.

That being said, I know everyone wants Humphries and Wallace off he roster. Sadly, its not that simple. I've heard that we can't even move any of those players until the earliest September. However their are other players that came up when looking at the current roster. Those names being Brandon Bass, Jordan Crawford, and Courtney Lee.

When I looked at that roster, I saw so many Power-Forwards and Shooting-Guards on the list. Which leads me to believe that Ainge will look to unload those positions first. Now obviously you can't just trade a player because you want him out. So, looking at Bass, with a bigger contract than most PF's, he has some value and I looked at him being moved first.

What if the C's could manage to trade Brandon Bass and add in Jordan Crawford to the Houston Rockets for Omer Asik? Let me explain why.

Adding Crawford would even out the salaries. Bass has played with Dwight Howard back in Orlando. If they agreed to the deal, they wouldn't have to keep Crawford. I believe his contract isn't guaranteed this season before a certain date(September?). So the Rockets could waive the player and save cap space for another roster spot. Also, I've heard reports that Asik doesn't want to be a backup for Howard and could be looking to be traded. Enter the Celtics, In the "retooling" mode looking for fresh faces who have great basketball I.Q. to fill the Center position. Seeing as the Celtics only have 1 maybe 2 players at Center now. The new signing of Vitor Faverani, and if he makes it, Fab Melo.

I had wrote Lee because of his salary but I'm not sure the Rockets would like to spend an extra $3Million to get a player like him after losing a backup Center.

So if that trade pans out, there are other players on the roster who will be waived to clear space. Like Wilcox, Iverson, and maybe Melo. I could even see Melo being waived so Iverson can take over and work on his game in D-League. Even tho I'd rather sign Tony Mitchell first, instead of Iverson, and give Mitchell a shot in the NBA. Also, it seems like the C's are close to signing UDFA Phil Pressey, so add him to the list.

Rondo / Brooks / Pressey

Bradley / Lee / Bogans

Green / Wallace / (Mitchell)

Olynyk / Sullinger / Randolph

Asik / Vitor / Humphries


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