unreal or surreal ? fantastic four ... team trade

As you many of you may already know the Celtics have too many guys on the roster and some form of trade or another is bound to happen between now and the end of training camp. With as many draft picks and directions as they currently have its pretty difficult to predict whats going to take place between now and the start of the season but its relatively safe to say SOMETHINGS got to give.

this would be my preference

Boston gives up: Jeff Green, Brandon Bass, Shavlik Randolph, MarShon Brooks, and Jordan Crawford

Boston gets back: Larry Sanders, Jimmer Fredette, John Salmons, and milwakukee's 2014 first round pick

Whats in it for Boston: Larry Sanders. Larry Sanders helps balance the huge defensive deficit Boston gained when KG left. He can run with Rondo, defend the paint and perfectly compliment Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk's game. When playing along side Sully, Sanders can defend faster more athletic 4's and when playing along side KO, Sanders can pickup the bigger stronger 5's. Fredette has been on DA's radar for a while and helps replace Brooks/Jcraw while also picking a potential 2014 low(10-14) lottery pick, cap relief and another trade exception. With Luol Deng, Rudy Gay, PAUL PIERCE, and possibly Harrison Barns available next summer the SF's market is pretty stacked next summer.( o and Lebron and C-melo)

Why Boston says no: Jeff Green and Brandon Bass is a lot to give up for 2 players without a true position, a bad contract, a small trade exception, and a middling draft pick. Also if kept and given sufficient minutes all of the players Boston would be giving up could potentially raise their trade values considerably. However they could also get injured, regress, fail to see enough court time, or be traded for 50 cents on the dollar to create roster space.

Houston gives up: Omer Asik, and Jeremy Lin

Houston gets back: Brandon Jennings (sign and traded), Brandon Bass, MarShon Brooks, and Shavy.

Whats in it for Houston: Omer and D12 are redundant. Omer wants and will be traded before or at the trade deadline Houston is just looking for the right price and this could very well be it. Brandon Jennings and James Harden would form a very very dynamic duo and Jennings would be a big upgrade over Lin's ball handling and defense, with a lethal jump shot, while being as good or better at distributing. Brandon bass gives them a jump shooting 4 with solid defense that plays well along side D12. All in all Jennings, Harden, Parsons, and Bass would be the like turning the restricted area into a vast desert for Dwight to bask in and driving lanes into 8 wide expressways for harden frolic through.

why Houston says no: the rockets seem pretty dead set on at least trying the whole twin towers thing and may be able to get more value for arguably a top 10 starting Center even though waiting for the trade deadline will likely lessen Lin's and Asik's value (Lin from poor play and Asik from diminished minutes) because teams are traditionally willing to give up more at the deadline. Also if JJ Redick's deal is any indication of the bucks idea of a sign and trade the rockets might be better off pursuing Jennings without involving the C's or the Kings while waiting for DA to starting waiving/giving away players.

Milwaukee gives up: Larry Sanders, Brandon Jennings, and a first round pick

Milwaukee gets back: DeMarcus Cousins and Jeremy Lin

whats in it for the Bucks: John Henson who is coming into his own as a defensive stud has a very similar style of play at fairly similar position as Larry Sanders and with Sanders Rookie contract set to expire next season they can pay Cousins about the same amount as what Sanders will command next season. Cousins fits beautifully next to Henson and replaces the potent scoring punch they lost when Monta Ellis signed with Dallas. Milwaukee is already in a sticky situation with Brandon Jennings and this is a clean get away. If they can replace Lin with a better PG like say Eric Bloodsoe the Bucks could compete in the east maybe not next season but the Knicks, Nets, Pacers, Bulls and maybe even the Heat all have closing windows in 2-3 years the Bucks could be in the mix for Eastern Conference title contention with Cousins, Henson, Ilyasova, and Mayo.

Why the Bucks say no: while Larry Sanders may never grow to be a better all around player than Cousins he is and will continue to be a really good one(unless he gets a huge injury) and on top of that he has stated in the past that he would actually like to stay in Milwaukee which is a huge reason for the bucks to keep him also giving up a 2014 first round draft is no easy task considering all the hype surrounding it.

Sacramento gives up: DeMarcus Cousins, Jimmer Fredette, and John Salmons

Sacramento gets back: Omer Asik, Jeff Green, and Jordan Crawford

whats in it for the Kings: an Identity and a direction. With Omer Asik, Jason Thompson, Jeff Green, Carl Landry,and Patrick Patterson the Kings will Dominate up front. With a sweet shooting SG (Ben McLemore) and a ball distributing PG (Vasquez until they can find a stud aka Marcus Smart) the Kings could Finally find themselves with a roster that makes some sense and possibly makes some playoff noise instead of the cluster of PF's and SG's they currently have.

why the kings say no: because they're knuckleheads and while Cousins may also be a knucklehead he is also the biggest wild card with the most upside. If he ever finds a coach that can get through to him he has the potential to one of the all time greats. a Sweet shooting 5 that rebounds and plays solid D is pretty unheard of. With his range one day possibly extending out to 3 point land he has the potential be down right dominant.

so what do you think sports fans ? Delusional? Disdainful? or a down to earth way of killing 4 birds with one trade ?

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