The Most Interesting Man in the World?

Who is the most interesting man in the world?

Well that's an easy one, it's Rajon Rondo, yeah I said it, in my little world, he is the most interesting man in the world. Not the corny Dos Equis guy, Dwight Howard, Barack Obama…. No! Rajon Rondo.

I believe he has the keys to our beloved C’s future in his back pocket. We can all throw out these provocative conjectures, look into our mystical crystal balls and act like we can predict the future, while sitting, staring at our computer screens playing armchair GM.

But in all honesty, Rondo is the piece of the puzzle that makes the picture complete. We have a few pieces and we are attempting to envision how the final project will come together, but my opinion is EVERYTHING revolves around Rondo…. EVERYTHING.

His actions will determine so many factors in the “Rebuilding” - “Rebooting” (whatever you want to call it) process and we will not know jack diddly squat until we know how Rajon will respond to this crazy offseason. There are so many questions to be answered this upcoming season, let me just name a few:

1.) Will Rondo push his body to the limit and make a risky return on opening night, or will he pull a D-Rose and take his sweet time coming back from his knee injury?

2.) Will Rondo coexist with the new “Mad Genius” 36 year old coach Brad Stevens, or will there be a ton of volatile arguments and egotistical pride filled nights of horrific blowout losses?

3.) Will Rondo take on the challenge of becoming the “New Captain” and commit to this team for the long-run, or will he just sit around pouting, playing the blame-game when they lose and jump ship when he becomes a free agent?

4.) Will Rondo come out and just blow our minds by putting up 30 points & 5 assists this year just to prove he can do it, or will he stick to his normal ways and be like Dennis Rodman refusing to score so he can put up big numbers in ONE catagory?

5.) Lastly, will Rondo finally step up and be the leader that we all know he can be, and lead this team back to contention?

This will be such an interesting season, and with the most interesting man in the world at the helm of this team, I can’t wait. Yeah I will be catching a few Nets games, watching our beloved heroes to see how they will help the Nets, but Rondo and his attitude will be what interests me most.

Can he really be the piece we build around or is he just false hope? I hope with all of my heart that Rondo can stay in Beantown and become that guy that helps us become a championship caliber team again. I know it will be a long, difficult process, with a lot of obstacles in the way, but I have faith that things will work out.

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