How about a head coach? Celtics in no rush but here are some candidates


Sometimes it helps to have a head coach.

It isn't really that clear what kind of team the Celtics will put on the floor yet (aside from "not a contender"). So it kind of makes sense that Ainge is in no rush to add a head coach. If they really are into don't-call-it-tanking-but-don't-win-too-much mode, then hiring a young, talented assistant coach to work player development makes a lot of senses. If Ainge thinks he can flip some of these assets right away (or in the next 12 months), then it might make more sense to get a more established coach.

Baxter Holmes did a nice job of giving a brief description of 12 potential head coaching candidates.

There are some guys with head coaching experience. Right off the bat I think you can eliminate George Karl who doesn't want to rebuild. Not sure if Hollins would want to rebuild either but then again if he wants to work, there's only the Celtics and Sixers left. I think Skiles would be a terrible fit with Rondo. Just say no to Del Negro (we could make bumper stickers with that slogan).

Of the up and coming ranks, I have much less opinion and will rely heavily upon the opinions of those that know better. So names like David Fizdale, Adrian Griffin (former Celtic player), and Pete Meyers all sound interesting. But the guy that jumps off the page to me - if only for where he's working now - is Brett Brown.

Who might be the Celtics’ next head coach? Here’s 13 potential choices ... - Sports - The Boston Globe

Brett Brown — Assistant to San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich since 2006-07. Five years as Spurs’ director of player development. Coached 14 seasons — nine as a head coach — with Australian teams in the National Basketball League. Australian national team head coach in 2012 Olympics. Son of New England Basketball Hall of Fame coach Bob Brown and native of Portland, Maine. Played at Boston University under Rick Pitino. Raised as a Celtics fan. Analysis: Local, with wide range of coaching experience. NBA sources say he badly wants the job. Will the 76ers hire him first?

Local guy who's worked closely with Greg Popovich? Where do I sign up? I'll even forgive the fact that he played for Pitino.

Also, I do like Jay Larranaga but I worry that he just doesn't have enough experience. Besides, he's already under contract as an assistant and if we could have another guy and Jay on the staff, that wouldn't be a bad thing I think.

So who do you guys want for the next head coach?

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