The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Danny sends Doc to the Clips, who are rivals with the Lakers. Both teams rivals with eachother and sharing a city. Danny then sends KG and Pierce to the Nets, who are rivals with the Knicks and also share a city.

The Lakers are hated by most of the Celtics fanbase... and the hatred between Boston and NY in all the major sports is very well documented (honey nut cheerios).

This is kind of strange but it also makes it very easy to root for the newest members of the Clippers and Nets (Kerry Kittles shout out). They will all be in direct conflict with the two teams most of us hate and have the possibility of unseating our rivals in their own cities. The specific teams our heroes went to makes it easier for us fans to be open about rooting for another team.

Also, I started thinking about other things this trade does...

Doc will be coaching in a building he lost game 7 of the NBA Finals in. He will have to see all those Laker banners all the time and that would just suck to have to work there. There's a banner hanging right there above his head that signifies his biggest failure. He's going to know the inner workings of the Staples Center and will have plenty of opportunities to sabotage the Lakers. Can you picture Doc messing with Kobe's locker? Coming in late at night and filling it with some foul subtance or scratching the words "No Means No" into the front of it (yeah, I went there).

It's actually great for the NBA that Doc is in LA and story lines between the Clips and Lakers will be a good one to follow, as it's likely to be very painful for Laker fans and exceedingly entertaining for us Celtic fans.

As it turns out KG and Pierce will be just fine, as they've already had Lawrence Frank as one of their coaches in the past and now he's their head coach in Brooklyn. While I despise Iso Joe and Sloan's Bane.. I don't mind the better Lopez at all and I absolutely love KG and Pierce. Rooting for Brooklyn as they become the superior team in NY will be easy and I look forward to it being very embarrassing for Carmelo.

The Celtics will always be number 1 in our hearts of course and it's not fair we have to watch our heroes ride into the sunset on anything other than a leprechaun's horse. But at least we can carry some satisfaction in the damage they will do to our West coast and East coast rivals.

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