Playing with the NBA Trade Machine is fun, isn’t it?

Here’s a couple trade ideas, and I’m aware that the first one could not happen until after September 12.


Houston Rockets receive: Brandon Bass, Gerald Wallace

Oklahoma City Thunder receive: Omer Asik, Courtney Lee

Boston Celtics receive: Kendrick Perkins, Jeremy Lin

The Rockets would receive a starting PF in Brandon Bass who has a great midrange jumper, another option to kick out to when Dwight Howard pulls double teams. Also, Gerald Wallace would bring added veteran presence to an otherwise young team as well as improving the bench. The Wallace contract would be a bad one for the Rockets to take, but they would be saying goodbye to Jeremy Lin’s bad contract as well as avoiding the possible chemistry issue Omer Asik might cause. IMO the Rockets get better with this trade.

The Thunder would get a large talent upgrade at starting Center in Omer Asik and at the same time rid themselves of the Kendrick Perkins contract. Courtney Lee would also provide the Thunder with needed depth, and if his game gets back on track, an offensive push off of the bench. IMO the Thunder get better with this trade.

While it looks like the Celtics do not upgrade with this trade and are only taking on two bad contracts, they would actually be swapping three bad contracts for two bad contracts that are not as bad given the Celtics situation. The Celtics would go from having Wallace for three years, Lee for three years, and Bass for two years, to only having Perkins and Lin for two years each. Also, most Celtics fans have favorable memories of Perkins and would welcome him back while he provides our younger guys more time to develop. Lin would be horribly overpriced, but nonetheless a good backup point. A handful of summer league games do not make Phil Pressey ready to backup Rondo. I like the idea of this trade for the Celtics. It gets bad contacts off of the books sooner and at least puts the bad contract players in positions that need to be filled.


Memphis Grizzlies receive: Jordan Crawford

Boston Celtics receive: Quincy Pondexter

Crawford and Pondexter are almost identical in contract, so the swap is easy. What Crawford does for Memphis is to provide some offense off of the bench and make the Grizzlies deeper at a position where Tony Allen is the starter and recently drafted Jamaal Franklin is the only backup. For the Celtics, this trade relieves some of the overcrowding at our shooting guard position and deepens the team at Small Forward. IMO it is a win for both teams.

If both of these trades were executed our depth chart looks a little better going into the season.

PG: Rondo, Lin, Pressey

SG: Bradley, Brooks, Bogans

SF: Green, Pondexter

PF: Humphries, Sullinger, Olynyk

C: Perkins, Faverani, Randolph, Melo

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