My annual ode to the diehard Boston Celtics fans


I LOVE you people.

Fantasy football drafts are happening already. The baseball trade deadline just happened. Summer vacations and family trips are happening. There's a lot of other stuff going on around the world. But here we are. Checking and rechecking CelticsBlog multiple times a day, if not per hour.

Man I love you people. You get me and I get you. We love this stuff and we can't seem to get enough of it.

The Celtics aren't title contenders anymore. They traded away the face of the franchise and the culture definer of the franchise. Sure, things were pretty gripping there for a few weeks while Doc Rivers traded himself to the Clippers and Ainge played high stakes poker with a Russian. But now things are pretty quiet. There are presumably more moves to be made but nobody really knows when they'll happen or even if they'll happen.

We've been reduced to wringing our hands over Shavlik Randolph. I really like the guy and all, but if you had told me 6 months ago that he'd be the topic of multiple posts this summer, I'd have either laughed at you or started sobbing on the spot (Minnie Driver in Good Will Hunting style). But here we are, counting down the hours till midnight where we'll (hopefully) raise our glasses in silent salute to a minimum contract becoming guaranteed.

In the coming weeks my staff and I will do our best to keep you entertained. But many of you are going to take part in the process and entertain each other in the comments, which is exactly what I want to see. I hope to see lots more FanPosts from you as well. Feel free to tap into your creative side (I know I will before long). You lurkers out there are welcome to come out from behind your silent browsers, register a user account, and get to posting and commenting. We won't bite.

We will have pointless debates that are impossible to solve. We will reminisce about the days of old and forecast the days to come. We will obsess over the smallest of rumors or bits of news. We will search the whole internet looking for quality articles about our team. And we'll enjoy every minute of it, because that's what we do. Most of us are more interested in the Celtics right now than several of the Celtics players are (who to be fair, are millionaires on vacation with their friends and family).

Of course none of this is to disparage the casual fans out there. I'm a casual Patriots/Red Sox/Bruins fan and there's no shame in that. But there's a brotherhood that I share with you people that is near and dear to my heart.

So thank you once again for coming here day after day and taking part. I owe each of you my gratitude and love. Be sure to pass that love to each other in a big James Posey bear hug sort of way. Cheers.

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