"Rebuilding" the Gates Of Optimism

The happenings of the past few weeks were so tragic for a Celtics fan. The era officially ended with the departure of Rivers, Pierce, and Garnett. I became a fan of this team in 2008 the exact season when KG brought me here as a fan. I am obviously a KG fan, wherever he goes i'll be there. It is even more sweet as the C's got their 17th championship and the 1st for KG, and his new bros Pierce and Allen. Time goes by fast when your enjoying, and suddenly the C's are now on a transition of a rebuilding process.

You cannot help but be frustrated when you see the moves that Ainge has done. Some say he should have run the team back again, and some say its time to blow it up. I am actually in favor of the former, and I doubt the supporters of the latter did really say that but did not expect it would be as tragic as what happened recently. Suddenly, Ainge did a total make over to the team. It is so painful for a fan. Especially on my part since this is the first time the team I support will undergo rebuilding process. Looking to the C's daily news and rumors has been a part of my routine everyday, and now it looks like I have to wait for a year, or even longer, for my team to be relevant again.

I have now took a deep breath, and cleared my mind. I feel very excited. From negativity, everything turned to an optimistic outlook towards the future of the C's. Let us breakdown the recent offseason moves of the C's to justify that optimism.

Doc Rivers to LA

This is all I want to say: You won't pay a rebuilding coach for 7M a year. Besides, I think the C's need a new environment. Doc I believe is a traditional coach who depends on charisma to lead his team. That won't be too effective anymore in the developing dynamics of basketball today. Ainge I think realized that the team needs a more scientific approach, as evidenced by the signing of Brad Stevens. Nothing to explain there. And another thing, we got a 2015 1st round pick bonus besides shedding Rivers' salary.

KG, Pierce to Brooklyn

I think that the Rivers transfer was the first domino to fall to officially start the rebuild of this team. I did not expect KG and Pierce to stay after hearing that news. All I want is to have a good package in return of the C's future Hall of Famers. The expiring deals of Humphries, Bogans, Brooks (Team Option next year), Joseph (Non-Guaranteed) and the Ugly Deal of Wallace, together with the 3 1st Rd Picks for 2014, 2016, and 2018 and an option for the pick in 2017 I believe is a good bargain by Ainge here. Coupled that with the Nets absorbing Terry's contract and the trade is much more beautiful for the C's.

Let me expalin my point. Humphries is not just an expiring deal. He is not a Biedrins type of contract. He can still contribute given the chance. Just 2 seasons ago he averaged double-double for 2 consecutive seasons before the coaching staff of brooklyn buried him to the bench because of the Kardashian saga. Well now he is in a brand new environment, I expect him to be back of his own self. It also means that he can improve his value up to trade deadline (this is also a contract year for him) and possibly trade him for a future piece to add to the already good young core of the C's. Even if he does not improve his value, he is still an expiring contract and just let it expire and get that 12M off the books. Low risk, High reward.

Unlike Humph, Bogans is just an expiring contract, period. And now with Brooks, I believe I agree with my co-fans that he might be the steal of the trade. The guy can absolutely score, just needs that opportunity. In his first season he immediately averaged 12pts/game showing that he can translate his scoring prowess to the NBA level. If he does not pan out, then let his 2M salary off the books. I believe his ceiling can be that of JR Smith, so hopefully he prove me wrong and transform into a more better player. Low risk, High reward.

And Lastly, Wallace's contact. Well, you cannot get everything but here's the catch. Wallace is not a totally washed-up player like Rashard Lewis when he got his lucrative contract. Just like Humph, the not-so-good coaching staff of Brooklyn (in my opinion)somewhat discouraged Wallace to commit many mistakes. It's like "when you don't shoot the ball 95% of the time I'll bring you back to the bench." Just search google and you can see Wallace's frustration back then. But the fact still reamins that he is overpaid, the only chance he can be useful to the C's is to guide the locker room temporarily and help in the growth of the C's young players. High risk, No reward?

And the Boston Celtics select, Kelly Olynyk from Gonzaga

I'm not a fan of the guy to be honest. But looking at the draft choices after him, there is no doubt that he could be the best player available besides the fact the he fills a need. Notable draft picks after him are Muhammad, Larkin and Shroeder. Obviously those three have red flags, Muhammad is said to be a one sided player that we have a similar player now in the name of Marshon Brooks, Larkin is too small, Shroeder is still raw. Olynyk is a safe choice by Ainge. And besides in a league where you pay Kwame Brown 7M/year, you cannot help but secure the services of a 7-footer who although is soft and lacks explosiveness, is very crafty, has a decent outside shot extending to the 3pt line, determined (as shown in using his red shirt season in college just to improve his skills), and has great post moves.

Brad Stevens, the new leader of the tanking Boston Celtics

Let me say that even if we ran it back again, I don't think that the C's can really compete with the Miami's and San Antonio's in their current roster. Even if you add a just healed Rondo and Sullinger, as well as a year older Pierce and KG, odds is just not in their favor. Besides, it is better to have value in them than just let them retire. Just imagine what will happen if Kg and Pierce just retired. We are left with Rondo, Bradley, Green, Sullinger, but no draft picks and expiring deals for the future. It is also a gift for our Hall of Famers to give them the opportunity to chase for another championship before they retire (not in a Ray Allen way). The C's will rebuild in the near future, and it is better to be BAD now on a season that will position your team to one of the best draft class of the past decade (even compared to 2003 draft class with Lebron, Melo, Wade, Bosh and MIlicic (just a joke)) and hopefully this time, luck comes to C's after previous failures on lottery (jinx it!).

And now the new coach of the Boston Celtics, Brad Stevens. I don't know so much about him. All I know is that his approach to the game is scientific and he really knows how to develop players as evidenced in his tenure in Butler where he competed for two National Championships despite having a less talented team compared to the likes of Kansas, Duke or Kentucky. As said by former Butler Gordon Hayward, he develops players out of nowhere. I hope he can do that with Fab Melo.

Braise yourselves, Danny Ainge is the Man!

Give credit to Ainge who resisted all the bashings of loyal fans just to make the best decision for the Boston Celtics team. Remember the infamous Perkins trade that brought us Jeff Green? Or how about drafting Bradley and Sullinger despite the red flags? And what about when he clandestinely snatched Rondo from the Suns on draft day? This are all bold moves by Ainge. Some are infamous, and some are painful in the eyes of loyal fans. But now because of all those bold moves we have a young core of Rondo, Bradley, Green and Sulinger. Hopefully after all those bold moves this offseason, it would be like theses and turns out great for the team in the future. Hopefully.


Well atleast, we are not like the Lakers who are now on the verge of being the oldest team in the NBA with Nash, Kobe and Pau after sacrifing their future for Clown Face Howard who is now leaning on taking his talents somewhere not in a Lakers uniform.

The End

KG brought me here, but I'm sad to say I have to bid goodbye to my idol. You, together with Captain Pierce is now with Brooklyn, maybe a better place, a better chance for another championship. I know I said wherever KG go, I'll be there.

But I'm not just a KG fan now.

I am now a Celtics fan.

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