Rondo's newest critic Jeff Goodman

Unfortunately we live in a society where people are labeled no matter what they do to change. Sometimes past incidents define a person when it comes to public perception. You will even see people not familiar with actual events making stuff up out of thin air.People have a tendency to ridicule and attack one another harshly on the deepest levels. It's easy for writers such as Jeff Goodman to rip an athlete of Rajon's stature. When Jeff is ridiculed it's not made public. I just think Jeff Goodman is a bully behind his writing. When I read what he says about Rondo. It's all rumored stuff, and I think he puts in his own twist. This guy attacks Rondo as a human being and sometimes that's when you got to stop yourself Jeff. You talk about this guy like he's a serial killer.

I have said it before, but Rajon Rondo is made up of the same competitive fire as a Bird, Jordan, or Kobe. Jordan punched a few teammates in his day, and so has Kobe. Bird was much like Rondo. The thing about Bird was that he had a lot of hardware to allow him to be himself. He won three MVP's, and three NBA titles.Unfortunately for Rondo the Celtics lost out on many opportunities that could have allowed him to be the fiery guy he is when it comes to winning. Bird wasn't the most sociable guy, but his legacy is about him being a winner, and not about the shy country boy. With the departure of Doc, Rondo now has the new label of coach killer, or a guy who doesn't give a rats ass about authority. First of all Doc quit on the Celtics, and he wanted to avoid a rebuild at all cost. Rondo should question things correct? He can also disagree with the coach. Especially if your competitive like Rondo. Like I posted a week or so ago. Phil had issues with Kobe, and that happens with great players. They have special gifts, and they're smarter then we know when it comes to playing basketball.

This reflects the emotional ignorance that is out there in today's writers.They have a lack of understanding and emotional respect. Sometimes brilliance comes with a price, and Rondo is paying the price often. Jeff Goodman follows College basketball, and I think he's lashing out because the NBA took a good coach away from the NCAA. Rondo has done things to change the perception that has been tattooed to the ignorance surrounding his critics. He set up camp for the team last year, and we even had a picture of KG and Rondo out with Snoop. Rajon has been a great teammate in many ways. He became an enforcer this past season when he came to the aid of KG. This guy calls out Rondo's ego. Most great players have egos. I say thank god! Rondo doesn't have an ego like Lebron James. Like I said look what rings do. James has been forgiven for his one hour TV show, and for all of the other crap through the years. Dwayne Wade is a dirty player, but that goes unnoticed. They decide to pick on the guy who is an introvert. They see Rondo as the weirdo. I find it all funny. Because half of these critics had to be in the same shoes as Rondo growing up. Most of these guys, if any actually played sports.

Rondo is no saint, and he doesn't pretend to be. I love honesty, and that's who is. He's not Ray Allen where he plans on running for office or something, and he's not as emotional as KG when it's okay that he goes off. Rondo is true to himself, and when people don't open up. That gives them room to make up what they want. Rondo has done a great job during he rehab showing up on a couple of shows showing who he is. Like I said in Morning Joe. This is a clean slate for Rondo, and the critics will always be here. The sad part is this. Instead of enjoying his gift. The critics want him to conform. My rant is over. Please feel free to vent.


But Stevens isn’t yet equipped to handle the egos of the NBA, especially that of Rondo.

“That’s the biggest question,” said one source familiar with both Stevens and Rondo. “Brad isn’t a confrontational guy and Rondo is the opposite. This could be a disaster.”

Rondo is difficult, according to numerous sources who have played with him or coached him. He’s often questions authority and does it in a manner that fractures relationships. He’s a loner with few friends and a negative vibe that can quickly affect a locker room. Multiple sources said he wasn’t well-liked when he was in the USA Basketball program a few years ago and was basically sent home due to his attitude.


Rondo barely respected Doc Rivers. Tubby Smith won’t admit it on the record, but those close to him admit he couldn’t stand coaching Rondo at Kentucky. How’s it going to work with Stevens?

It’s not. The majority of this group, which is filled with a bunch of mediocre players, should be OK. Jared Sullinger knows all about Stevens. So does Avery Bradley. This year’s first-round pick, Kelly Olynyk, played against Butler this past season. Even guys like Jeff Green and Courtney Lee are young enough to value what Stevens has done at the college level.

However, Rondo is a different story.

Fortunately, there won’t be high expectations for Stevens as he adjusts to the NBA. No one will flinch when he wins 25 games in his rookie campaign. In fact, that’s what Celtics fans should be clamoring for, to boost their chances in the 2014 NBA Draft Andrew Wiggins Sweepstakes.

Stevens’ first order of business should be hiring a staff that includes assistant coaches with NBA experience -- and at least one former NBA player. His second? Pleading with Ainge to jettison Rondo.

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