Olynyk crushes summer league....23 of 39 from the field....Ainge drafts the tallest two guard in NBA history

He is not like Dirk or McHale, so cut it out...yea, yea I got it he looks like a woodsman, ok.

His father was a division 1 coach in Toronto. His mom was a division 1 referee. He was an academic all american who played guard in high school through sophomore year. Student of the game, not a student of the "fame." He plays the game like and conducts himself on the floor like a coach.

He has taken 39 shots against assorted summer league irregulars and hit 23 for 59%. Pardon me, I have to go change.

Now he has played about 77 minutes against a bunch of D league hopefuls and gotten 23 rebounds....have to go change again.

Stern has announced that the NBA is going to drop the name "Summer League" and go with "Kelly's summer clinic."

These defenders look awful partially because they aren't much, but partially because Olynyk just DESTROYS them with move after move. He is eating them's scary. Do you hear me? He is making Fab Melo look good. Yes he is. He has given him a dozen set up passes and fab has actually gotten two or three in the basket...holy hockey puck batman, this kid is from Canada!

He goes sprinting up the floor on a break, hits the brakes at 43 feet out and does this jump shot that looks like the figure on that 1953 AAU trophy your dad has on his bureau....his form is perfect...and the shot goes in like dart, Christmas, I don't care if it's summer league.

He sets up his team mates on defense chirping everyone into position...Detroit was 23 for 80 or something. He passes to everybody and makes them look like champs.

They were double teaming him the other day.....this is summer's a pick up game, they were double teaming Olynyk because they just got sick of being's summer league...nobody gets double teamed in summer history! The games are like 28 minutes long, most of the guys are hoping for a job in Greece or something....they're playing the games in a thing that looks like a conference room at the Marriott....double team?

Now it's time to do some statistical extrapolation.

Olinyk 36 min. 20 att. 12 made 13 rebs. 29 pts

"Summer league player of the year"? No, no, no...."Summer league player of the century" Nah.

"The Olynyk trophy"

I rest my case.

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