How the Celtics Should Rebuild: Short term or Long term?

First of all before reading this know that this is an extremely half-baked (emphasis on the baked) written piece, and this is my first time doing this so take it easy if you completely disagree.

The Celtics have many options that they will need to consider before and during following season that approaches us. We just traded our two biggest aging stars, and we've been without a true NBA center for like 5 years....don't get how that happened. With all these new changes happening to the team, many issues have become apparent, and pretty much everyone agrees that how the C's choose to rebuild is their biggest issue by far.

In order for the Celtics to call this rebuilding process "successful", they will need to end up with a legitimate starting center. (We don't need an all-star, but we need a guy who can get 10 bounds a game and block some shots.) We're also going to need another "star" player to accompany the core we have now. Our team really isn't that bad, we have a lot of good serviceable players, were just missing that main guy to carry the scoring load. There's not many ways the Celtics can get these kind of players, but luckily we've been put into a pretty solid position thanks to Danny Ainge. In my eyes the Celtics have a few options to improve the team: either they can trade for some high level players and totally reconstruct the team; try and get some high lottery draft picks to draft some new studs; or last we could try and sign some star free agents next off-season. (I guess we could choose to do a mix of all three as well)

How long it takes for us to see significant results all depends on what Danny decides to do. We could wait the season out trade for some better draft picks (2 in the top 10 would be awesome) and see how we are in a couple of years. Maybe we trade a number of players at the deadline and we could possibly be ready for the playoffs this year. lol you never know

Below I have put twotrades that I think could be good for the long term and short term.

Trade #1 Long term, young talent and draft picks.

Teams involved: Boston Celtics, Houston Rockets, Phoenix Suns

Boston: Receives; Omer Asik, Greg Smith, Patrick Beverly, Draft picks from both Rockets and Suns.

Houston: Receives; Brandon Bass, Courtney Lee, Kendall Marshall, Marcus Morris.

Phoenix: Receives; Jordan Crawford, Terrence Jones, Draft picks from Celtics.

In this scenario the Celtics would receive draft pick(s) from both Houston and Phoenix. (And hopefully trade up for a high-level draft pick when the time is right.) The C's would also be getting a much needed starting center, which they haven't had in a long time. Even though Asik's game is quite raw he's still a very talented big man, who does all the dirty work for his team. He would be a very good fit with our current active run-in-gun team, and would surely benefit with a point guard like Rondo. Also the Celtics would be getting two young promising prospects in Beverly and Smith. Particularily Smith who is only 22 and has some relatively promising stats last season. In 70 games Smith averaged 6 Pts, and 4.6Reb in just 15 min. Now those aren't incredible numbers but they are good, and what is close to incredible is Smiths FG% which was .620% last season and .636% the year before that.

Trade #2 Short term, Blow it up...AGAIN

I know it says the Celtics are trading Rondo to the Pelicans, but I only did that because, as many of you know Kris Humphries cannot be traded yet. So just think of Rondo as Kris Humphries.

Teams involved: Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, Milwaukee Bucks, New Orleans Pelicans

Boston: Receives; Eric Gordon, Larry Sanders, Tobias Harris, Andrew Nicholson

Orlando: Receives; Courtney Lee, Jason Smith, Austin Rivers, Draft pick(s) from Celtics

Milwaukee: Receives; Al Harrington, Brandon Bass, Jared Sullinger, Draft pick(s) from Celtics

New Orleans: Recieves; Kris Humprhies, Ersan Ilyasova, Avery Bradley

In this scenario the Celtics get a dramatic upgrade in center from the Bucks in Larry Sanders. A young big man waiting to make the jump to all-star, Sanders would be a great addition to the team. Next, the C's would get Eric Gordon from the New Orleans Pelicans. I understand Gordon is a risk because of his past injury struggles, but when healthy hes a dangerous offensive threat who can also get teammates involved. The Last two players come from the Orlando Magic; Tobias Harris and Andrew Nicholson are two very young players who are unproven but have loads of upside. First I'll start with Harris the 21 year old, 6'9'' small forward. Hes been in the league for 3 years with the first two being nothing special, (Averaging 5 ppg, 2rpg, in 11mpg). His 3rd year, being last year was quite the unusual one though. In only 27 games Harris averaged 17.3 Pts, 8.5 Reb, and 2.1 Ast in 36 min a game. Harris could very well be a player who had a very good 30 game stretch. lol. I know thats not very common but it happened to Jeremy Linn, and it could be more plausible than Harris all of a sudden breaking out as a great player. Either way I would take the chance on him. The last player the Celtics would receive is Andrew Nicholson the 23 year old, 6'9'' Power forward. Nicholson was one of the top breakout rookies last year, even though he didn't have a lot of playing time. In just 16.7 Mpg Nicholson average 7.8 Pts and 3.4 Reb. Those are pretty good numbers for a rookie with that amount of playing time, and best of all he shot .527% from the field, which is really good.

Losing Bradley and Sully are tough blows, but are necessary bargaining chips when trying to acquire good players. Plus Sully is already starting to show signs of re-accuring back problems which is the last thing you want for a big man. I loved Sully's game but I would hate to see countless seasons of him on the bench. Wouldn't it be great if we traded a forever cursed back Sully for Larry Sanders.

All in all, the Celtics got a lot to think about, and Danny Ainge is going to have many desicions to make in the near future. Whatever happens I hope it works out.

Post any other trades that you think would be good for the Celtics below

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