two ugly trades and a 18-month plan to build the future Celtic championship team

First of all, if you hate the idea of getting Perk (and his terrible contract) back, stop reading. On top of that, this would mean taking Beasley too, so there you go. First trade should be done after Dec 15, second one after Jan 15.

First ugly trade: yes, bring back Perk and get Ziggy Beasley on board

This is a revision of the trade idea I posted 10 days ago, when we still had Shav. Basically, is the same without sending Shav to Phoenix. But right now, after Beasley's mary jane affair, it could be easier to do.

Celtics out: Brandon Bass, Courtney Lee, Jordan Crawford

Celtics in: Perkins, Beasley, PJ3, Dallas 2014 1st rounder from OKC (top 20 protected until 2018, where it gets unprotected), Lakers 2015 1st rounder from PHO (top 5 protected in 2015, top 3 protected in 2016-17, unprotected in 2018)

Phoenix out: Gortat, Beasley, Lakers 2015 pick

Phoenix in: Courtney Lee, Jordan Crawford, Steve Adams (Lamb for trade machine purposes)

OKC out: Perkins, PJ3, Steve Adams, Dallas 2014 pick

OKC in: Gortat, Bass

The reasoning for OKC is clear: get rid of Perk and give up some young pieces to win now with Gortat and Bass

The reasoning for PHO is pretty good: give up the Lakers pick and Gortat, get rid of Super Cool Beas and get Adams

The Celtics would be making some room at SG and PF, creating a bit of a logjam on the C and SF spots. They would get uglier contracts, but also good picks and the guy we wanted instead of Melo ;) They would get rid of a year of Lee's contract, creating a big expiring salary mass in 2015 (Perk+Beas=16M). The Dallas pick could probably last until 2018, who knows, and the Lakers pick in 2015 could be in the top 10.

Second ugly trade: we can't get Marc Gasol yet, let's get Boozer instead

I think Marc Gasol is the piece the Celtics need to be contenders. Rondo/Green/Marc Gasol is a great foundation, and the C's will have enough draft picks to use 2 or 3 to entice the Memphis if/when they mess again with a Gasol brother. But we can't trade for Marc next trade deadline, as the Grizzlies are contenders and Marc is their best player, but if they fail next season they might be ok with trading in the 2015 deadline. What we need is a good player with a contract expiring in 2015 who could match Marc Gasol's contract. Carlos Boozer.

Boston in: Boozer, Charlotte 2014 first round pick (top 10 protected in 2014, top 8 in 2015, unprotected in 2016)

Chicago in: Humphries, Bogans (Rondo and Lee are only for trade machine purposes), Colton Iverson rights

Why for Chicago: Colton Iverson is a good prospect (hopefully he shows up in Turkey to rise his trade value). The Charlotte pick could be a late lottery one this year, so it wouldn't hurt a lot. But mainly, they save one year of Boozer's contract, they get to start Gibson and have Humphries as their first big off the bench. Flexibility is gold right now in the NBA.

Why for Boston: they give up a prospect in Colton Iverson, but they get another pick in the teens, which could bring a great player in Danny's hands. Their cap flexibility is moved a year further, when Boozer's 15M plus Perk and Beasley's combined 16M expire. But the best asset they'd get could be an expiring Boozer in the 2015 trade deadline, when they could try to trade for their next big All Star.

Your Boston Celtics after the 2014 trade deadline






That's a good team, but they'll probably have lost too many games before the trade deadline to reach the playoffs.

The 2014 Draft

The Celtics pick could end in the 8th to 12th range - Danny picks James Young from Kentucky (SG)

The Charlotte pick could end in the 11th to 18th range - Danny picks Aaron Gordon from Arizona (PF)

The Dallas pick would be lower than 20th, so it will roll over next Draft

The Clippers pick could end in the 24th to 28th range - Danny picks Isiah Austin from Baylor (PF/C)

Another option: Danny packages Celtics+Charlotte picks and gets a top 5 pick and select Marcus Smart (G)

Fast forward to the 2015 trade deadline

At some point, you could bet Danny has packaged some of PJ3/Brooks/Fab/Fav/Pressey to get better pieces/make room for rookies. Anyway, the 2015 Celtics could look like this:






plus three picks in 2015/two picks in 2016/probably three picks in 2018

An expiring Boozer+Austin+2/3 future picks for an expiring Marc Gasol could work if the Grizzlies have failed to get to the Finals, with an aging Z-Bo and a disgruntled Marc Gasol. Then, Perk and Beasley come off the books, so you can extend Rondo and resign Marc Gasol to team up with Green:





Marc Gasol/Fav/Fab

Pipe dream? maybe, but I guess Danny and Coach Stevens are working in longer term scenarios with more complicated ramifications. Make it happen, DA!

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