The Truth and the Facts

A guide to Celts players and what should be done with them:

Brandon Bass: 2 years at approximately 7 mil a year left. Screw it, let him stick around and take as many 14 footers as he wants. Let him grab 3 or 4 less rebounds than a power forward should and just ride the contract out. Next year, when the rebuilding really starts to take shape(assuming we bottom out this year and draft a franchise changer) Bass will be a guy who we can count on the double half double every game. 8 points, 5 rebounds.

Courtney Lee - reclamation project but unfortunately not on the celtics timeline. Does anybody think he'd be the perfect compliment to the spurs, okc, bulls, et. any team with playoff contentions? Solid D, knock down a 3, just waiting for a contending team to take a chance on him. Never put pressure on him as a scorer, just let him float to open spaces.

Jared Sullinger - keep him. I love how large his trunk is. Sometimes I look at it and want to use it as a coffee table. It's enormous and can be utilized in the NBA. You can't teach big butts.

Marshon Brooks - If he hasn't taken the time to learn how to shoot in the last couple years and has no discernible attributes that separate himself from the pack, let's just sit back and watch him play out the contract. Probably a 24 or 25 point explosion here and there but not everywhere.

Donte Green - Hi. Good Bye.

Kelly Olynyk - The ultimate golfing basketball player. Just make your shots and never play any defense. True summer camp all star. I remember I went to 5th grade summer camp and Mick Stodge ruled all the girls. Kelly Olynyk probably just gave him a knowing wink.

Gerald Wallace - Danny, every once in a while you give me hope I can still work myself up the ranks to NBA GM with acquisitions like this.

Avery Bradley - keep him, keep him, keep him. Once his contract comes up lock him up to 6 years 30 mil immediately. This is the kind of guy that championships hinge on. He's not a starter in a championship series but he's a guy off the bench that scores 9 points and locks down the opposing point guard for 20 minutes a game and never letting that guy rest. We have a 4 year plan right now. Even if we magically get lebron we aren't sniffing the crown next year. Lock Avery up knowing that 4 years down the road he'll be valuable. Let's not forget the fact that DA has a long term plan in mind. He made one of the smartest moves in the business by saying all along he plans on wrecking the team to build it back up. Thus buying himself this rebuilding period. Name me one other GM that could gut a team like DA just did and we're all not calling for his job. DA played it well, giving us the set up. Well played DA, now just hang onto this commodity.

Jordan Crawford - So the wizards accepted an injured player for a guy that scores double digits a game. Red lights anyone? We should cut him and put a roster spot up for charity and just carry one honorable celtics player all year long.

Jeff Greene - can only go right and can only shoot set shots. Time to showcase this guy and trade him for assets. Maybe try to get a thomas robinson or derrick williams and a pick. A former top 5 pick and a future consideration. Let's not fool ourselves into thinking Green is going to score 20 a game and lead us to the playoffs. He's a 16 point guy that scores when defenses fall asleep on him and plays halfway decent D because he gets boxed way the fheck out by pf's and is too slow for sf's.

rajon rondo - here we go. toughest part of having to part ways. such a fun player to watch, a guy that can dominate games, a guy who somehow makes up for no j by sluicing through opponents with moves and passes. A guy who can take a team to the top of the mountain. Also a guy who could probably submarine a young team. Rondo, I hate to see you go. You're a moody, alien like and talented human being to watch. We have so many memories together but I have to use the Costanza tactic. It's not you, it's me. I can't rebuild with you and you'd be better off with another team. To be honest, we should have traded you for russell westbrook 2 years ago.(no rumors of that trade that i know of but always something i thought to myself would make both teams better imagine kg and captain playing with a pg that could destroy other teams singlehandedly and just wait around for jumpers? imagine kd and harden with rondo spoonfeeding them turkey and gravy. Imagine you, durant and harden ruling the nba right now? )We can't pass up giving you that opportunity again. SO sorry rondo, gotta trade you.

So Danny, you bought yourself a few more years, ball's in your court.

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