SBNation includes Green, Bradley, and Rondo in Top 100 Players of 2017

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Much to the dismay of Boston fans, only three players appear on the list and none of them crack the Top 25.

Here's the link to the entire list and snippets from the guys currently on the roster:

Jeff Green at # 94

Nobody's sicker of the Jeff Green narrative than me. Well, probably Danny Ainge and Jeff Green. The issue is that he does things that make you go WOW and not a lot of the other things that really good players need to do when they're not driving hard to the right. That's OK, there's a lot of guys like that in the league, but the constant expectation game is a drag. -FLANNERY

Avery Bradley at # 78

I'm a little stunned that -- spoiler alert -- Eric Bledsoe went so much higher than Avery Bradley. We saw that Bradley's really not an NBA point guard once Rajon Rondo went down, but Boston survived and I think Bradley deserves quite a bit of credit. He's a stud defender, and if Tony Allen has taught us one thing, shutdown perimeter defense is mighty important, even in the absence of offensive touch. Bradley will be valuable throughout his career so long as he continues to make life Hell from his marks. -ZILLER

Rajon Rondo at # 34

I've long ago given up ranking Rondo by conventional measures. He's been the best player on the court in playoff games with certain Hall of Famers and verified All-Timers, and he's disappeared at other times. My biggest concern is his lack of a consistent jumper as he ages, especially coming off an ACL injury that could begin to erode his dynamic first step. There's also the fact that Celtics' offenses have ranked obscenely low with him running the show.

Still, I can't get past the Wilt/Oscar stat lines when the lights shine brightest. He'll either be the most awesomely weird player in his early 30s or a sad shadow of his former self. I'm betting on the former. -FLANNERY

With the rebuild in full effect, it's disheartening that the list only includes three current Celtics.  2017 is four years from now and if the team isn't contending or at least competitive by then, we'd all have to consider Ainge and Stevens failures in turning the franchise around.  The caveat is that the list does include players not currently in the NBA that could be in Celtic green as one of the nine draft picks in five years that Danny has in his holster.  Andrew Wiggins comes in at #8, Julius Randle at #14, and Jabari Parker at #26 and are all projected to be lottery picks next season.  Knowing Danny, there's also a high probability that a trade could be on the horizon.

Now, for the guys that made the list, Jeff Green is severely underrated.  For a list that relies heavily on upside, the fact that he's not at least in the Top 50 is a crime.  As a starter last season, he averaged over 20 points per game and shot a sparkling 52.3% (51.9% from the three point line).  He's a matchup nightmare against bigger power forwards and smaller small forwards and a plus defender.  He may never have the superstar mindset, but there's no way he should be behind half the players on this list.

Bradley at #78 is solid, but also too low.  In three years, he's been plagued by either his own injuries (ankle and shoulders) or an injury to a teammate (Rondo's ACL tear).  He played out of position last year as a point guard but with Rondo back in 2013-2014, AB will be more consistent on offense and we know he won't take a break on defense.

I love that Rondo is behind an aging Deron Williams, an overrated Ricky Rubio, and Jrue freakin' Holiday.  If Rondo was more active on Twitter, I'd send him this article.  The more disrespect we throw at #9, the better.  Even when he was the best player on the floor for the last three seasons, he still deferred to The Big Three but whenever the C's needed a big game from him, RonDouble Double Double showed up big time.

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